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1001 Places I’d like to visit before I die #19 – Brisbane

Whenever Sydney, Brisbane or any part of Australia comes up in a conversation, I would be reminded of my first ever childhood friend who gave me a koala plush toy, one that I treasure until now. Yes, 22 years later and I still have the lovely little koala and I’ve associated both of them to Read More

1001 Places I’d Like to visit before I die #18 – Bhutan

One of the least explored places in Asia and also the happiest country in the region is the Kingdom of Bhutan. That fact alone makes me want to see the place, it is on number 18 in this list of places I want to visit but I won’t mind seeing it first. ­čÖé ┬áUnassuming yet Read More

1001 Places I’d Like to Visit before I Die #17 – Florida

  Over, under, sideways, forward, backward, and all around… the faint of heart need not be scared because this is not what you can expect from your Florida flights. After a safe and uneventful flight to Florida, you can rediscover the child in you and enjoy the exhilarating rides in one or several of this Read More

1001 Places I’d Like to Visit Before I Die #16 – Namibia

The nature lover in me is starting to feel quite stifled by urban living. I have always wanted to take a trip to Africa and when I came across some online brochures about flights to South Africa, there was no doubt in my mind that Namibia should be my next vacation destination.  It would be Read More

1001 Places I’d Like to visit before I die #15 – Bern

Seeing this photo of Bern, Switzerland made me want to book the next available flight there but…it’s spring there now as it is in Vienna. Although it is still as wonderful I’d really like to see this particular scenery myself. There’s just so much magic and emotion snow-laden roofs at dusk bring. It’s that stillness, Read More

1001 Places I’d Like to Visit Before I Die #14- Rio De Janeiro

Ever watched the animated movie Rio? How about the science fiction disaster film, 2012? Both film features one of the biggest statues the world has created, Christ the Redeemer. An Art Deco considered to be the largest in the world, it depicts Jesus Christ with open arms and is situated at the peak of the Corcovado mountain Read More

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