The nature lover in me is starting to feel quite stifled by urban living. I have always wanted to take a trip to Africa and when I came across some online brochures about flights to South Africa, there was no doubt in my mind that Namibia should be my next vacation destination.

 It would be great if I can get in through Cape Town International so I can take a side trip to the winelands in the area – and, of course, who would not want to visit a city that is considered to be one of the most beautiful the world over? I can head out to Namibia through Johannesburg where there are flights to Namibia every day. My itinerary will have to be fixed depending on the great deals on these flights that are available online.

Giraffe Namibia
Wild in focus.

Namibia is northwest of Johannesburg, sitting right above the Northern Cape of South Africa. This country used to be a province of South Africa and boasts of the same natural attractions, flora, and fauna that abound in the entire African continent. On my list of places to visit are the Fish River Canyon Park, the Waterberg Plateau Park, and the Namib Naukluft National Park. These three places will give me a tip-to-tip exploration of Namibia. I’m looking for flights to South Africa that offer deals on tours and visits to Namibia and these natural treasures. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get by with the vacation money I have saved up – I definitely would not want to pass up any of Namibia’s and South Africa’s best sights.

They say that the Fish River Canyon Park on the southern part of Namibia is one of the largest all over the world and is one of the country’s natural wonders. I’d like to try to do some hiking on the Fish River Canyon Trail, although I have to remember to get some waterproof packs and Ziplock packs for my hiking essentials. Perhaps after a cold dip in the river waters, swimming along with big fishes, I can go on to see some desert creatures at the Namib Naukluft National Park. It would be such an experience to see the Namib Desert’s towering sand dunes up close.

Next up would be the Waterberg Plateau Park up in northern Namibia where rare game species, endangered species, and breeding colonies can be found. There’s a four-day hike package but, I’d have to think about whether I have enough time, money, or energy left after my exploration of south and central Namibia to do some more hiking in this hot and arid country.namibia