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Of Villas, Apartments and Vacation Plans

^summer on the Italian coast Years ago, I featured one of the Italian villas in Lignano. That where we stayed at with the whole family along with my parents-in-law and my brother-in-law’s family. It’s a simple compound with a pool, reachable by foot by the bus station and relatively just a few minutes away from Read More

One for the Bucket List: Swimming with Dolphins in Cancun

  Regardless of whether there are just a few items on your Bucket List or you could go on forever, if you have an affinity for the ocean and dolphins, swimming with them will almost certainly be on the list of things to do when you still can. The good thing is that, unlike some Read More

Summer Holidays, Head to Benidorm

  Summer is almost here (on our part of the world) and booking one deal of the available cheap Benidorm holidays is something that I’ve been contemplating on. The famous Balcony of the Mediterrenean – atop the blueness of the sea has piqued my interest since I saw it featured at one of my favorite websites. Benidorm Read More

1001 Places I’d like to visit before I die #10 – Cape Town

Named the World Design Capital for 2014 by the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design, Cape Town should be rightfully listed as one of the places one should see. Cape Town is the largest city in South Africa, so it follows that in its vastness, there’d be a lot of things to do, enjoy and see. Cape Read More

1001 Places I’d like to visit before I die #9 – Uluru

Another World Heritage site on my list of places to see is Uluru or Ayers Rock, a large sandstone rock formation in the southern part of the Northern Territory in central Australia. Uluru is an island mountain…it’s like a hill of rock in the middle of a dry region. Forget the high temperature in the region, I’d definitely love to Read More

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1001 Places I’d Like to Visit Before I Die #8 – Pamukkale

Where we live is a building where occupants are of different nationalities and most of our neighbors come from Turkey. Friendly as I am I’d hit up a conversation when I bump into one of them at the elevator or at the front yard. More often than not, Turkey holidays would surface in those small talks. It Read More

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