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Best Things to See in Australia

Best Things to See in Australia

Australia is more than just another country to visit, it’s an entire continent. This means that everything from weather to local customs can vary depending on what part of Australia you are visiting. You’ll find that Australia is a land of extraordinary contrasts. From Australia’s highest peak at Mount Kosciuszko to the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland, the Sydney Opera House, and Bondi Beach in New South Wales, there’s something that will delight everyone when you visit Australia.

Pick Your Season

Many people think that because Australia is in the southern hemisphere, they have seasons that are opposite from those in the northern hemisphere. While this is somewhat true, it’s important to remember that Australia’s temperatures not only vary tremendously from season to season, but also from north to south. Read More

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How to Migrate to Australia – Three Steps to Make the Move Easier

  Many are contemplating a move abroad. Many families and businesses dream and discuss a relocation from the UK to Australia — and they do so for various reasons. Unfortunately, most people will never follow through with the move. Because moving so far away can be intimidating, and help and advice is lacking; ones desiring Read More

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1001 Places I’d like to visit before I die #19 – Brisbane

Whenever Sydney, Brisbane or any part of Australia comes up in a conversation, I would be reminded of my first ever childhood friend who gave me a koala plush toy, one that I treasure until now. Yes, 22 years later and I still have the lovely little koala and I’ve associated both of them to Read More

1001 Places I'd Like to Visit Before I Die #13 - Sydney and Perth 3

1001 Places I’d Like to Visit Before I Die #13 – Sydney and Perth

^Vienna State Opera shot I took from the Albertina’s mezzanine. What charm do Opera houses have at night that enchants a photobuff? Just look at this photo and don’t tell me you don’t find them breathtaking. Above is Vienna’s State Opera House (Wiener Staatsoper) glowing in gold at about 11 PM, took that shot when Read More

1001 Places I'd like to visit before I die #9 - Uluru 5

1001 Places I’d like to visit before I die #9 – Uluru

Another World Heritage site on my list of places to see is Uluru or Ayers Rock, a large sandstone rock formation in the southern part of the Northern Territory in central Australia. Uluru is an island mountain…it’s like a hill of rock in the middle of a dry region. Forget the high temperature in the region, I’d definitely love to Read More