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Berlin After Dark: The Top Seven Can’t-Miss Night Spots

Berlin After Dark: The Top Seven Can’t-Miss Night Spots

Europe’s answer to the city that never sleeps offers a late-night parade of neon clubs, hidden bars and sweet speakeasies. Berlin is easily one of Europe’s nightlife capital. While it is ok to go frugal and crucial find where to best stay in Berlin, it’s also recommended to know first where to go. Want the Read More

Stadtpark, Fuerth 2

Stadtpark, Fuerth

Visiting Fuerth means frequent trips to the city park. It is a 15-minute walk from Mom-in-law’s place and we can feed ducks, follow the geese around, look out for birds, play waterguns or simply blow bubbles and run about. There’s also a mini-golf complete with all 18 holes. The kids didn’t give up one bit Read More

Playmobil Food 6

Playmobil Food

For a Funpark as big as Playmobil, restaurants and eating joints are fun because they’ve integrated it in a playful environment as how the park is. The Burg café is castle inspired, following it’s name (Burg=castle). You can see Playmobil guards stationed up the walls as they would in real life castles of old. As Read More

S' Baggers, Nürnberg 8

S’ Baggers, Nürnberg

Nürnberg/Nuremberg is one of the major cities in Bavaria. Been to this city a handful of times yet I can’t say that I know it well…I probably won’t but its charm is something that I always want to revisit. Nürnberg’s history extends as far as the 11th century becoming an important key trade route as Read More