A Taste of the Far East: Singapore and Shanghai Cruise Packages for World Travellers 1

I’m Asian but by circumstance had been living in Europe for the past decade. Given, I’ve seen parts of this awesome continent and very few of were I came from. One of the things I’d love to do (in the near future when possible) is to go cruise there. Among the most popular destination in world tours are Singapore and Shanghai that’s why it is but awesome if I’d be able to book a¬†cruise to Singapore through Cruise kings. Though we’ve visited the city before (hubby’s second home), it would be fun and an all different experience to go on a cruise too. These two destinations are popular for the interesting mix of modern city life, historic sights, and rich culture. The other destinations on the way to or from either of these destinations are also equally interesting. Going on a cruise to the Far East is definitely one that you will never forget. It is also one that people all over the world should plan on doing at least once in their lifetime. There are affordable Singapore and Shanghai cruise and tour packages that anyone can avail of.

Singapore Flyer (looming rain)


A Singapore and Shanghai cruise normally lasts for two weeks, travelling through Southeast Asian destinations like Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Hong Kong. While on-board the cruise ship, you can enjoy modern amenities like entertainment centers, multi-cuisine restaurants, swimming pools and lounges, and spas among others. When you reach the various ports in the cruise, walking tours or bus tours take you through the different places of interest in each area. Enjoy the Singapore skyline, the local legends of Malaysia, the night markets of Bangkok, and the temples of Thailand.


In some destinations, your package could also include an overnight stay at a hotel. You could also find all-in packages wherein all the costs of airport transfers, hotel accommodations, breakfasts, tours, and cruises are already included in the total cost. This makes it less of a hassle for you to keep track of how much more you have to spend during your trip.

You can talk to your travel agent or cruise booking staff to ask about the options that are available. You may also check out the internet for more information about Singapore and Shanghai cruise packages as well as other cruise packages in the Far East. Even if you do not have clear travel plans yet, you can actually sign up for updates and be the first to know about any promos or offers on these cruise packages.