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Savoring Sunny, Sophisticated Siena, Tuscany


The cold is sweeping the region and I feel like I could just wrap myself in a blanket whole day and sleep through until the sun shines brightly again. Well, there’s sunshine for a few hours but that doesn’t really equate to being warm. These days make me look back to the time that we went train-hopping Italian cities, despite the summer heat I enjoyed looking out the window, the lush green cascading down the hills, pine trees and vineyards with a single house in the middle looked as though paintings coming into real life. (see photo below)

Siena, the historic city, declared a UNESCO World Heritage site, seems to be one I remember fondly. Those were lovely days spent going around the piazzas, admiring the museum displays, wine tasting, and even just idling at one of the more relaxing villas in Tuscany (see first photo) watching the clouds pass by. Read More

Travel hotspots in Northern Italy 2

Travel hotspots in Northern Italy

  Romance, great food, a true Italian welcome, olive oil and wines, and family values have drawn visitors to Northern Italy for centuries. With beautiful views aplenty, and value for money, it’s the perfect getaway for the whole family. In Venice, take a trip on a gondola down its world famous canals, and pass under Read More

Legends, Are They Born or Made? 4

Legends, Are They Born or Made?

^The Pantheon Years ago, I travel by myself – alone, not minding that I don’t really know the place as much. Not minding if I don’t know anyone from that city or town. It’s local yes, but a 6-hour travel to an unfamiliar city is quite a feat for a teenager during my days! lol. Read More

When in Rome - Party 6

When in Rome – Party

If the ancient Romans had the know-how and resilience to become rulers over much of the world, those qualities are still abundantly recognisable in their modern day descendants. Young Romans are unstoppable when it comes to partying. It is as though they challenge the morning light to get in the way of their dedication and Read More

Lignano Beach 8

Lignano Beach

It’s summer once again. Where are you headed? “To the beach,” I think, would be the dominant answer. My kids certainly would say that too. I personally am not a beach person…I practically grew up going to beaches but having brown for a skin color would mean a much darker complexion after spending an hour Read More