1001 Places I'd Like to Visit Before I Die #14- Rio De Janeiro 1

Ever watched the animated movie Rio? How about the science fiction disaster film, 2012? Both film features one of the biggest statues the world has created, Christ the Redeemer. An Art Deco considered to be the largest in the world, it depicts Jesus Christ with open arms and is situated at the peak of the Corcovado mountain in the Tijuca Forest National Park overlooking Rio de Janeiro. It is one of the many wonders that I would want to see, thus making Rio de Janeiro #14 on my list of places to see.

rio de janeiro
View of the Cristo Redentor/Christ the Redeemer Photo from http://www.markermap.com

As said, the statue is featured in the movies Rio and 2012 (and a handful more movies). In Rio, which is the city’s nickname, the main characters were birds trying to escape being smuggled. There were lots of scenes showing the local Rio landscape and wildlife and many other real-life attractions in the city including Christ the Redeemer.

2012 movie poster
Looks familiar?


The poster for the latter even resembles the statue…a monk standing on perhaps the Himalayan mountains looking at the raging waters. This is one of the many posters and there was also one that actually depicts the Christ the redeemer falling apart in the midst of a tsunami and about to collapse over hundreds of people. The poster raised some protests from locals but it actually, in a way, is a good advertising clip for one of the Seven wonders of the world. In the movie, it did collapse as did other world-renowned structures.


Though I don’t advocate end of the world theories as such, I would really want to see Rio de Janeiro as it is. A cable ride up the Sugarloaf mountain, a hike and tour at the Tijuca rainforest, a cruise by the bay or simply sitting by the beach with a cup of coconut juice, perhaps a cooking class to know more about Portuguese/Brazilian cuisine would be my kind of holiday.