How to Migrate to Australia – Three Steps to Make the Move Easier

By on November 29, 2014


That perfect sunrise view.

Many are contemplating a move abroad. Many families and businesses dream and discuss a relocation from the UK to Australia — and they do so for various reasons. Unfortunately, most people will never follow through with the move. Because moving so far away can be intimidating, and help and advice is lacking; ones desiring a move to Australia are unsure of where to begin. Although the thought of moving to another country is thrilling, it can also be tremendously overwhelming, and locating support from experts can mean turning the dream into reality. Below you will find three tips on accomplishing your move to Australia, with expert advice and tricks on how to make the move easier and less costly for you and your family or your business

  1. Request a Moving Guide for Australia: When hearing the word ‘Guide’, travel books, pamphlets and tour guides may come to mind. Although traveling books and literature can be exciting to read and somewhat helpful in your move, you will need a much more detailed guide in progressing with the actual move. In regards to asking for a ‘Moving Guide’, you should locate a personal guide; one who will have expertise on the legalities of the move, as well as tips and tricks to overcoming obstacles, necessities and much more. Finding a personal moving guide will make your move to Australia from the Uk a more pleasant experience.
  2. Plan, Plot & Prepare: For a successful move, you will need to have an organised plan-of-action, a strategy and plot for the trip itself, and be prepared for the move – both financially and emotionally. Researching the location of the move, as well as the area in Australia you intend to live is a critical step in the process. The more effort you put into the relocation before you move, and you will be prepared and have a general plan and prospect for what to expect. Having made plans and steps to ensure your housing, travel and work; the closer you are to realizing your dream.
  3. Prepare Yourself Mentally: Once you have made all of the necessary plans for your move – finding a job, packing, saying your goodbyes – you will need to prepare yourself, your family or your business for the mental aspect of the relocation. Keeping your expectations in check, keeping check on your mindset, and keeping a good attitude with improve your first impressions and prepare you for accepting the unexpected when you arrive in Australia. Stressing yourself out over the move, and blind optimism will negatively affect your transition. Taking the steps to formulate a plan and to manage your expectations will ensure that your move goes as smoothly as possible.

Last but not least, you will need physical help with your move to Australia. With a big move like this, you will need extra hands for physical and mental support. Moving to Australia will most likely be the biggest change of your life. A personal guide – one with knowledge of this type of move, as well as the expertise of making your dreams a reality – will guarantee that your new-found life will be both exciting and everything you hoped it to be. You will need help with the big migration to Australia from the UK, and the Expat Concierge has the expertise and know-how to help you with your move from the UK to Australia. Visit their website at for professional assistance with your transfer.



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1001 Places I’d like to visit before I die #19 – Brisbane

By on March 18, 2013
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Whenever Sydney, Brisbane or any part of Australia comes up in a conversation, I would be reminded of my first ever childhood friend who gave me a koala plush toy, one that I treasure until now. Yes, 22 years later and I still have the lovely little koala and I’ve associated both of them to anything about Australia. It would be nice to see her once again, perhaps take a trip down memory lane or better, somewhere at the land down under. Australia, and Queensland  have a lot to offer when it comes to tourism and Brisbane is one of the cities worth visiting this summer. What with its many parks and wharves and the first ever koala sanctuary, it’s a must-see city for the adventurous.

Here are some of the top vacation spots one shouldn’t miss when in Brisbane.

1. Brisbane Forest Park. A place where waterways meet, Brisbane forest park is home to the Walk-About Wildlife Centre. The centre in turn features Australian wildlife on display at that includes Australian native birds, a platypus, sugar gliders, wallabies, wombats and other animals we wouldn’t see around or in any other parks.

2.  The Old Museum Building of Brisbane. Originally called the Exhibition Building and Concert Hall, it was built in 1891. It is home to the Queensland Youth Orchestras, who use the building as a rehearsal, performance and office space. The building is also home for theBrisbane Philharmonic Orchestra, Queensland Youth Choir among other performing groups.

3. City Botanic Gardens. The perfect spot to read a good book or have lunch under cycads, palms, figs and bamboo trees. Don’t be surprised to see brides and grooms brimming with happiness as you stroll around this garden, it’s a favorite wedding venue too.

4. Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. Wanna hold a real koala? This is the only place for it. The sanctuary began with two koalas called Jack and Jill and now holds  kangaroos, Tasmanian devils, wombats, echidnas, and other reptiles as well as kookaburras, emus and cockatoos. This place will be especially enchanting for kids and kids at heart or the animal-love in us all.

5. Kangaroo Point Cliffs. Kangaroos – another lovable creature native to Australia, so popular that a rock climbing area. Try it for yourself or if you ain’t the type then spend some time for barbecue just by the foot of the cliff. 🙂

There are a lot more places that one can explore in Brisbane, that a week would not be enough, with all the scenery, river and those, a cruise should also be in order. Or one can book car hire in brisbane with DriveNow and simply drink in the beauty of the surrounding, the sunsets and take a million photos of the wildlife that is native only to the land down under.

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