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Month: December 2011

Postcard # 15 – Fayetteville – Washington County Courthouse

Another Arkansas postcard from Jes came with two more — can’t remember exactly when but the sate says it was sent the same  time as the others. Featured is the Washington County Courthouse which has been the county seat of Washington County and built in 1905. Appearing as charming and very classic as it is, Read More

Postcard #14 – Juneau, Alaska

When I was an eager learner I often leaf through the pages of our encyclopedia at home. I was so engrossed in learning that I knew the all the States capital by heart. I still recall it now but I can’t recite it like the Isabelle kid on Ellen. I can still answer but not Read More

1001 Places I’d Like to Visit before I Die # 5 – Maldives 2

1001 Places I’d Like to Visit before I Die # 5 – Maldives

Never have I seen a beach so pure and blue like this, makes me think that this is Paradise. I am not a beach person but I certainly would love to see Maldives, take photos of the unadulterated white sands, blue waters and green-laden Islands. The archipelago is approximately consisted of 1,190 coral islands…I admit, I so envy Read More

Postcard #13 – Eureka Springs Horsedrawn Carriage

Another lovely postcard from Arkansas. Momi Jes sent a handful of postcards on the same day, November 11, 2011 but it’s curious that they came on different days. This one is a charming photo of a horse-drawn carriage by what I take as a lodging. I’m always fascinated with horse-drawn carriages whichever part of the Read More

venetian las vegas

Postcard #12 – Venetian Las Vegas

I won a number of postcards from a friend’s blog giveaway last summer – my daughter tucked them away in her box so I almost forgot until I saw hubby’s photos of his trip to Las Vegas. Stunning might not summarize how the Hotel Resort is. ^_^ Photos-wise, I’ve seen hubby’s photos of the Las Read More

Postcard # 11 – Wild Turkeys

Turkeys remind me of a childhood friend who often had lunch with rice and fried turkey. They raise turkeys at their backyard – which is not common since Filipinos normally raise chickens around the house. I’m not sure if these wild turkeys are edible or eaten in Arkansas, might as well ask, Jes about them Read More

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