I love snow globes, I collect them as souvenirs whenever we visit another city. I sometimes ask friends to buy me some if, for example they are to visit me. Like a friend (whom I borrowed above photo) now based in Dubai who intended to visit come spring (she’s actually like to see snow in winter)…ironically, I asked her to buy me a snow globe forgetting that the industrial city is a sand haven…she jokingly replied “we don’t have snow here so maybe they only make sand globes…” haha. Well, kidding aside, I look forward to her coming over to spent even a week here. We’re having a week off in April which is the best time for her to visit…spring weather with some parts still having snow, maybe she’d somehow see them firsthand.

I want her to enjoy her stay so that when I/we decide to spend our holidays in Dubai in the future, she’d be happy to tour with me…Regardless, I have a different view of Dubai now because of hers and another blogging friend- they post photos of the wonderful emirate. I would like to experience riding Abras and the rails there as well, I would love to see the Deira Clocktower, the Burj Khalifa and the Burj Al Arab too, they make great night photo subjects! Woot! If given the chance and resources,  I’d love to stay even for a day and live like a queen. Most of all, even if I’ve tasted shawarma around here, eating it in a real Arab nation would be really different. Here’s crossing my fingers…

dubai tower
(photo borrowed from a friend)