Impresionante, encantador… son las mejores palabras para describir a Cancún. Breathtaking, enchanting…are the best words to describe Cancun. Whether at night, noon or morning, the shores – the island itself is a photographer’s haven.

Cancun holidays are sure to be full of fun. There’s snorkeling, scuba diving and other water sports, you can go visit historic ruins and fun ecological parks…it is also most likely that you’ll witness a wedding by the beach. Nightlife is also never boring!  Cancun is named the  premier destinations for a great night out. Why, with all the superclubs, mime artists, crazy waiters and bubble balloons all around the island, you may night want to sleep at all…

For the boring person in me, I’d be happy to snap around like crazy from the hotel window. The skyline and the night lights is a perfect spot for night photography. Come morning I’ll just enjoy the blue water and sky – a piece of paradise for me!

Cancun beaches