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Postcard # 20 – Thai Farmers

Carabaos, my kids weren’t aware of these domesticated buffaloes until 2 years ago. That was when we came home to the Philippines to attend my brother’s wedding. We passed buy a few of those carabao-stores selling handmade furniture. So I got this postcard, rather my son received this from a good friend, Raya, who’s based in Read More

Postcard #19 – Subic Bay

When one thinks of Philippine beaches; Boracay, Laiya, Palawan comes to mind. I was totally surprised when I received this lovely, bluish, semi-panorama postcard from my good friend Joy. Subic bay is one of the more popular tourist and local destination in the Northern part of Luzon. It has been developed as an industrial and commercial Read More

Postcard #18 – Reno

That famous arch reads The Biggest Little City in the World. No, this is not from hubby who took the trip to Las Vegas last autumn but this is another postcard I won from a blog contest. Told you I got a handful. Like Las Vegas, Reno is known for its casinos and gaming industry. Read More

Postcard #17 – Palau

I received a postcard from Kuya Obey, the scholar who travels around the world and who last year this month was with us going about the city, exploring it, enjoying the views and doing some work. Little work I say…research mostly but he was anyway most of the time wandering (harhar). When he was here, Read More

Postcard #16 – Thailand’s Wat Arun

I’ve often proclaimed that sunsets in Southeast Asia are the best – this postcard is proof. Featured is the Wat Arun with a golden sky background…a typical view of sun setting in Bangkok, Thailand. The wat (buddhist temple) is called so as it means “Temple of the Dawn” — apparently, it’s not only during sunsets that Read More

Postcard # 15 – Fayetteville – Washington County Courthouse

Another Arkansas postcard from Jes came with two more — can’t remember exactly when but the sate says it was sent the same  time as the others. Featured is the Washington County Courthouse which has been the county seat of Washington County and built in 1905. Appearing as charming and very classic as it is, Read More

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