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1001 Places I’d like to visit before I die #11 – Lipari, Sicily

March 25, 2012
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Lipari, Sicily
Lipari, Sicily via

Lipari could be one of the nearest places we could visit this summer…but the beaches of Hungary is nearer so I doubt if Lipari will be off my list of places to visit soon.

With its pristine and deep blue waters, Lipari is a popular tourist destination that the permanent population of roughly 12,000 goes up to 20,000 during the summer season. Though not to be thrilled about but perhaps also interesting to say; Lipari is a frequent favorite of pirates until they were eradicated.

In Lipari’s simple streets, one can be contented walking and admiring the sea or simply sit by a trattoria and drink a cup of coffee or have Granitas.  One can take a boat to nearby ports, build a sandcastle by the beach, view the volcanoes around and of course, go shopping. 😉

Quick Fact: Natalie Imbruglia’s father was born in Lipari.

Simply breathtaking view. photo via


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  1. Magtatago ako sa maleta mo kapag pupunta ka dito. Wow, what a beautiful view. Aside from Japan, Italy is the only country I dreamed of ever visiting and possibly living in, given the chance. Forget USA, Italy is the place to be.

  2. Wow!! I have never thought of planning on where to go before I die. Haha!! Hmm.. you made me think ha. First thing that came into my mind is Jerusalem.. But Sicily is great too. That blue water, oh yeah!!

  3. This is amazingly beautiful! Thanks for sharing your dream destination with us! I myself like to visit Paris! My first cousins are there right no having the time in their lives.

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