Med Cruises: A Holiday of Multi-cultural Experiences 1


Instead of going to one country on a holiday, it would be a much more interesting experience to have a grand vacation and visit several countries in one region one after the other. Med Cruises offers packages and excursion tours that will take you to the different countries in the Mediterranean for you to experience their multi-cultural offerings. You can book your cruise and choose the tours and excursions you are interested in. These cruises usually have their own staff of tour coordinators to guide you through your exploration of the Mediterranean.


On-board activities and amenities add to the exciting things that you can do while on vacation. Cultural shows, shopping outlets, swimming pools, theatres, restaurants, and other recreational facilities are made available for tourists on a cruise. Even children are taken cared of with specially designed programs, activities, and events to ensure that they too enjoy the cruise as much as their parents and adult companions.

You do not have to choose between romantic Greek islands and shopping and dining in Spain’s Palma de Mallorca. You can enjoy different sights, sounds, and tastes from a handful of countries while on vacation on Med Cruises. Take a seven-day cruise at the Mediterranean to visit key destinations in about three to four countries in the region. The cruise ship docks for about six to eight hours, or sometimes even overnight, more than enough time for you to go out and enjoy your chosen excursion tours. Some of the excursion tours that you can book include:

Med Cruises: A Holiday of Multi-cultural Experiences

1. The Vatican Museum Tour – After docking in Civitavecchia, Italy, you can take an hour and a half bus ride to Rome where your sightseeing tour starts with a visit to several monuments including the Colosseum, the Roman Forum, the Pyramid, and many others. A guided walking tour ensues at the Vatican Museum where historical masterpieces from the collections of the Roman Popes have been preserved. You will also get to set foot inside the Sistine Chapel, the Piazza San Pietro, and the Basilica during this tour.

2. The Beach Tour – Enjoy Tunisia’s sandy bays and beautiful coastal views with a trip to Gammarth, a seaside resort that’s a short drive away from the port of La Goulette, Tunisia. Just a few hours on the resort will give you a refreshing break from the walking and sightseeing.

3. The Valldemosa Palace Visit – Shopping and dining are not the only things to enjoy in the port of Palma de Mallorca, Spain. Drive on out to Valldemosa for a taste of history and architecture. The historic Carthusian monastery of Cartoixa and the architectural work of art in the King Sancho Palace will present you with a stark contrast between humble and peaceful cloisters and opulent and regal trimmings.