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Holiday Clubs

  Many of the places where you buy goods or services have clubs that you can join if you would like. For example, if you like to go on cruises, you can join the Royal Holiday Club that the cruise line offers. Even your local grocery store or bookstore probably has a club that you could become Read More

Discover the Unique Natural Beauties in Galapagos Cruise Holidays

Only a handful of destinations offer a rewarding nature experience for tourists. The best of them are awarded the distinction of being Wonders of the World or cited as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. These are often destinations that offer a well preserved culture or environment and conservation areas that feature unique species. One such Read More

A Taste of the Far East: Singapore and Shanghai Cruise Packages for World Travellers

A Taste of the Far East: Singapore and Shanghai Cruise Packages for World Travellers

I’m Asian but by circumstance had been living in Europe for the past decade. Given, I’ve seen parts of this awesome continent and very few of were I came from. One of the things I’d love to do (in the near future when possible) is to go cruise there. Among the most popular destination in Read More

Setting sail with the Mariner Of The Seas

Like most holiday destinations, you will never really know what to expect from the Mariner Of The Seas until you set foot on-board, unless of course you’ve been lucky enough to have set sail on the great Royal Caribbean vessel before. But that sense of venturing into the unknown is all part of the fun Read More

Med Cruises: A Holiday of Multi-cultural Experiences

  Instead of going to one country on a holiday, it would be a much more interesting experience to have a grand vacation and visit several countries in one region one after the other. Med Cruises offers packages and excursion tours that will take you to the different countries in the Mediterranean for you to Read More

Pushing the Boat Out

If you feel like enjoying a bit of luxury this year – whether it’s to celebrate a wedding anniversary, a special birthday or ‘just because’ – forget staying in one location, battling your way around packed tourist hotspots and cramming in as many sights as possible in one week. Why not consider a cruise and Read More