Setting sail with the Mariner Of The Seas 1

Like most holiday destinations, you will never really know what to expect from the Mariner Of The Seas until you set foot on-board, unless of course you’ve been lucky enough to have set sail on the great Royal Caribbean vessel before. But that sense of venturing into the unknown is all part of the fun and can give you an even greater sense of anticipation as the days prior to your departure date tick by.

The good news is that the Mariner is among the most elegantly turned-out ships in the Royal Caribbean fleet and it has been delivering top-quality cruise holidays to thousands of people for a number of years. You’ll have every chance to find that perfect balance between excitement and relaxation and you’re sure to be met with an atmosphere of fun and a real sense of adventure. The blend of activity choices, dining options, spa and sauna areas, theatre shows and the views out to sea create a recipe that is hard to beat. Add to that a liberal helping of sunshine and the company of some of your favourite people and you will do well to come away from any length of time on-board the Mariner feeling in the least bit short changed.



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