Holiday Clubs 1


Many of the places where you buy goods or services have clubs that you can join if you would like. For example, if you like to go on cruises, you can join the Royal Holiday Club that the cruise line offers. Even your local grocery store or bookstore probably has a club that you could become a member of if you so desire. Are these things worth joining? They are obviously centered around commerce and the idea that you spend your money at these venues, but is joining the club about more than just getting more money from you, the consumer?


Even a quick look shows that it usually is. The club does exist to draw in money, and some of them even have membership fees, but you do get what you pay for. There are distinct advantages that you can get if you are a member that other people will not be able to get.

Extra Savings and Discounts

For one thing, you might get access to extra savings that most consumers are not privileged with. This could just be an extra ten percent off of the items that you buy, across the board, even when they are on sale. This is how many bookstores set up their clubs. You have to pay to join, but the savings will easily outweigh the cost of the membership if you buy enough books from them. On the whole, if you were going to buy those books anyway, you can save quite a bit. This works for things other than books as well, such as cruises.

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A Newsletter

Another advantage of joining the club is that you might get a newsletter to make sure that you are always in the loop. Is the company going to be changing their management? Are they going to offer new things that they have never offered before? Are they expanding their business and lowering their prices? As a loyal customer, these are all things that you want to know, and the newsletter can put that information right in your mailbox – or, for most modern shoppers, right in your email inbox.

First Chances to Buy New Products

The club may also give you the first chance to buy something that is brand new. Say you join a cruise club, for example, and they are going to offer a brand new cruise this year to a destination that they have never gone to in the past. It is sure to be a hot seller since it is new, and you might miss out if you wait for it to go out to the public and it sells out. However, club members may be offered the chance to buy a ticket a week before the public, ensuring that you get a spot if you want one.

Adding It All Up

When it is all added together, the club can be great if you are interested in the company, especially if it is free. You may be given a chance to buy products before other people, at lower prices than they could ever get. Since you are interested in the company anyway, why not have all of these extra incentives when you are buying the things that they have to offer? They make the whole experience very fun and rewarding.