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Month: January 2013

1001 Places I’d Like to visit before I die #18 – Bhutan

One of the least explored places in Asia and also the happiest country in the region is the Kingdom of Bhutan. That fact alone makes me want to see the place, it is on number 18 in this list of places I want to visit but I won’t mind seeing it first. 🙂  Unassuming yet Read More

To Travel Around the World

  Coupon codes have become so diverse, there’s almost always something you can use to get a discount when buying stuff – both online and reel. You can definitely cut the cost of almost everything with voucher codes. I mean, basically everything from clothing to food, infant products to adult needs, household essentials, skin beauty treatment and Read More

One Day in London

  If you’re visiting London for the day, it’s difficult to know where to start. Whether it’s your first trip or one of many, it’s easy for people to just stick to the main tourist hotspots. Not that there’s anything wrong with Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey – these landmarks are undoubtedly among the most Read More

Holidays made Famous by the Rich & Famous

Holidays made Famous by the Rich & Famous

David Beckham made having hair-curtains and wearing dodgy sarongs famous, Kanye West made those shutter sunglasses famous and George Clooney made having grey hair acceptable – so it’s easy to say that celebrities have more than a slight influence over us all, even if we don’t like to admit it. But it isn’t just what Read More

Discover the Unique Natural Beauties in Galapagos Cruise Holidays

Only a handful of destinations offer a rewarding nature experience for tourists. The best of them are awarded the distinction of being Wonders of the World or cited as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. These are often destinations that offer a well preserved culture or environment and conservation areas that feature unique species. One such Read More