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lignano beach

summer on the Italian coast

Years ago, I featured one of the Italian villas in Lignano. That where we stayed at with the whole family along with my parents-in-law and my brother-in-law’s family. It’s a simple compound with a pool, reachable by foot by the bus station and relatively just a few minutes away from grocery stores, restaurants, the plaza and the beach. There are also arcade centers to the kids’ enjoyment. We could bring them there if they get tired swimming.

We occupied two rooms at the second floor and from there, we could see the villa pool from the rooms. The kids would be up early, ready for the pool. There are lifeguards around and since they could be seen from our room, we do not worry a lot about their safety, oma or opa would accompany them while we have coffee or tea at our room’s balcony. They have their arm floats too and the other swimmers look out on them somehow.

lignano plaza

Lignano plaza

kids pool

kids loving the pool

We also stayed at a Villa with a lot of rooms in Balaton, Hungary, this one is more of a 2-storey house in a fenced lot with a pool too, all for ourselves. (Story link is on the sidebar.)

Renting villas or apartments when on a long-term vacation has its ups and downs. It’s cheaper than when staying in a hotel. The rates are lower, perhaps 1/3 of a daily hotel rate but convenience-wise, you cook for yourself, clean the place yourself. The extra hours you spent at the apartment cleaning and cooking could already be hours spent shopping and sightseeing unless the place offers bed and breakfast and cleaning services.

It could be said that renting a villa or an apartment for a vacation is like home away from home. You get to do the same things you do at home in a different setting, a different view and environment.

Our summer vacation may be over, winter has enveloped the region and it’s too early to plan for next year. Since we plan on going from city to city, country to country (yes, that’s a big dream on our bucket list); we are planning on renting one of the really charming¬†villas in Athens or Barcelona, or probably an apartment in Nice. It’s a really convenient thing that online reservation websites have a long-range time-table. We could book as early as now for next year’s vacation. We’d definitely book one with pool and which is near the beach, that that serves breakfast and has house cleaning included.

pool villa

pool, seen from our room


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  1. I wish I could also go to villas like those. It really is good for a family vacation. And yes, I also want to make sure house cleaning is included. :)

  2. I have a friend who really chooses to live in villas rather than in hotels whenever they are on travel.Must be really comfortable yet less costly.

  3. i agree! renting villas is really much cheaper than staying in a hotel especially for group vacationers. we also do that when we go on vacation :)

  4. Hungary is definitely on our bucket list. Haven’t tried renting villas and I agree, they must be more affordable than hotels.

    I’ve been to the French Riviera (Nice, etc.). I’m sure you’ll love it there too whenever you go.

  5. wow that villa looks amazing and relaxing! just look at the sun straight in swimming pool! you can just be sleeping and get tan!

  6. Villas or hotels don’t matter..what I wanted is a trip to Italy..lol

  7. haven’t tried renting villas yet, for some reasons, the places I love to go to always don’t have villas nearby, usually the villas in National Parks are like 60-120 miles away, and that is too much driving for us, like we are wasting several hours everyday on the road instead of hiking right away, so, we always end up with whatever lodging accommodations are available within the National Parks.

  8. this makes me consider renting a villa on our next island hopping adventure!

  9. I like this place, its nice to learn something different when we go for a vacation, i really don’t know what are the advantages of getting villas but it seems to be great then.

  10. For me, it’s nicer to stay in a villa because it feels like your home. Perfect for family vacation.

  11. Oh the beautiful Italy. One of the many places I want to visit if given a chance.

  12. We haven’t stayed in any villas when we visited Italy few years ago as we have relatives there. But I would certainly consider the opportunity of visiting the countryside and explore their scenic beauties and booking in villas to experience all the local life.

    Thanks for sharing those lovely snaps.

  13. hmmmm love the sight of the pool! thanks for the awesome tips, I just wish I could have the time and resources to travel far with my loved ones, for now I enjoy traveling virtually through awesome sites like yours with great content and ideas :)

  14. Oh! we also have here “villas” that could be rented too. i agree, it’s a lot cheaper than staying in hotels. however, for sure, there aren’t any villa as grand as those you’ve stayed in.

  15. I love villas and hotels. I don’t mind any of the two, as long as the place is beautiful, comfy and have a view like this…. HEAVEN! <3

  16. amazing views and this place is awesome its perfect for a short getaway for the whole family.

  17. This is a good suggestion. I am going to consider this when I’m in Italy. ^_^

  18. I would love to visit Italy in the future. If this happens, I will definitely try their pasta.

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