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The madness that surrounds city living has always been the reason why urban residents desire to experience a relaxed and laid-back way of life. Inspired by the style of country homes that dot the hills of Tuscany, Italy, city dwellers have always aspired to have their own tiny Tuscan home tucked in the middle of downtown. The typical characteristics of simplicity, warmth and elegance speak well of the Italians’ passion to celebrate life with family and friends within the comforts of home. This domestic orientation has influenced even non-Italians to adhere to Tuscan home plans in constructing or redecorating their houses to have a little feel of Italy at home.


Creating a Tuscan-inspired concept for any home is not difficult since the materials needed are readily available in most hardware and décor stores. You can even order kit homes, which are ready to build, and fashion them into a quaint Tuscan home. However, the most important thing to consider in getting as close to obtaining the desired Italian feel is to be motivated by Tuscan home plans. This can ultimately lead to the knowledge about structures, features, furnishings and accessories that typically consists Tuscan homes and which can be duplicated in any location one opts to reside.

Tuscan Home Plans for City Dwellers 2
Modernized Tuscan style home

Typical Tuscan Home Features

• One of the best Tuscan home plans always feature stucco, stone or earth-toned brick along the exterior walls that make them rustic and nostalgic. Even the roof can sometimes be made of tile bricks to continue the same intimate feel all over. The roof is pitched lower than usual with wider eaves to catch rainwater. The fondness for the outdoor living and dining is best evidenced by reserving an open space in one part of the house. These verandahs or porticos are made of the same stucco or brick materials separated from the main house by arched windows and doors accentuated with wrought iron grills as defense against intruders.

• The walls are one giant work of art with large frescoes or murals depicting stunning Tuscany pastoral scenes. For the affluent ones, some artworks of the masters hang prominently on the walls. Other empty spaces are filled with tapestries or colorful quilt works to display the family heirloom for generations.

• The furniture that fills Tuscan home is often made of hardwood or stone. They are massive yet inviting and indicative of strength to support any weight that rests upon them. It is just all right to mismatch because it even brings out the rustic and aged look amidst the disorganized setting. Remarkable to note, however, is the absence of clutter despite the informal atmosphere.

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hanging pots above a countertop that doubles as a table


• Tuscan home plans are always designed for family gatherings. That is why a Tuscan kitchen is considered the heart of every Tuscan home. This part of the house is given much importance because that is usually where the family prepares and eats their meals. It is also the place to gather around for chatting. A large hardwood table serves as countertop and dining table as well. Overhead, a massive pot rack hangs containing an array of cookware, herbs, or native blooms from the hillsides. The kitchen cabinets are also very simple as they overlap the terra-cotta walls with colorful designs.

• Rich fabrics are splattered as drapes for the windows, upholstery for the furniture, rugs for the floors or runners for tables. They are in bright but warm tones of yellow, orange, red, green, and gold. Traditional patterns are flowers, fruits, and vegetables superimposed on stripes of various widths.

Transforming your house and decorating it along the details of Tuscan home plans can give your house a brand new appeal. It is not only in dressing up the windows or in changing the house decors, but it is also in lending a cozy and inviting atmosphere, which makes Tuscan homes famous. Whether you have Italian blood flowing in your veins or you are of any descent, creating a Tuscan-inspired home can fulfill your desire to experience that provincial living within an urban setting. Your city friends will surely love to feast on your pasta and freshly baked bread in your brand-new Italian kitchen.

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Al fresco dining