People travel the world for many reasons. Some people circle the globe on food quests, sampling and comparing the incredible cuisines offered in different cities and eateries. For instance, the foodies will choose to compare Portuguese or Cuban as prepared in different places. Wherever they go, these foodies like Chantal Royer are on the lookout for the flavors and style of preparation of the authentic cuisines available in the world today.

When it comes to particular cuisines such as Thai or Polish, these travelers can search out the places that serve these cuisines in every major city in countries everywhere. Still, they usually make a point of staying in the country where the certain style of cooking originates to try as much as they can of the truly authentic flavors and styles. They can compare the way food is prepared and cooked in small villages in Thailand or Poland as well as the major cities of those countries.

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coconuts at Thailand’s floating market (image via

Once foodies who are seriously pursuing a particular cuisine have thoroughly studied authentic foods in the country of origin, they have the right background with which they can compare the same cuisines in various other cities in other countries around the world. These educated food lovers soon tell the difference in herbs and seasonings added to traditional dishes and slight changes of ingredients. Their preferences will be fine-tuned, and they are strong in what dishes and preparation styles they like the most.

A global traveler and foodie often writes and reports back home on their food experience helps to inform the rest of the general public about the best in authentic cuisine. With the wealth of their information, they help to encourage others to compare and become thoroughly acquainted with particular cuisines. The free exchange of educated food comparison influences the food market because of the growing demand for new and different ingredients before unpopular.

The education that the public receives from these adventurous students of fine cuisines helps to encourage others to try the authentic dishes and purchase the ingredients to make the dishes at home. Others are inspired to do some traveling and food comparison for themselves. The travel industry is flooded with travelers interested in food touring in countries worldwide. The food and travel industry is greatly impacted as are individual people who listen to what world-traveling foodies have to say.

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