Travel Hair Dryers for Women on the Go


Travelling and exploring new places can be a lot of fun if you don’t have to worry about your luggage and your beauty tools all the time. As much as you want to look good and be your best wherever you go, you really can’t bring all your dresser armada to fix all your beauty woes. Think of excess baggage fees and the weight of the luggage you have to lug around. Fortunately, many beauty brands have heard this dilemma from many travelling women – the cry for travel sized cosmetics and skin care items, meaning they are packed in smaller, more convenient packaging – has been answered. The same goes with some essential tools that many women really can’t do without – their hair styling tools.


Women sometimes need several hair styling tools such as a hot iron, a curling iron, a shaving tool and more importantly some handy, reliable and easy to use hair-dyer. The fact that you travel regularly will certainly push you to search for compact and convenient to carry hair-dryers. By convenient, you should choose a battery operated one over a corded dryer. You might have some issues with the kind of plug or voltage used in the city or country that you are visiting, thus a dryer with batteries will be a great option. Some top of the line yet affordable handy travel hair-dryers to check out are:


Conair 124AR Vagabond Mini Hair Dryer – the most recommended battery operated, foldable tool to suit any wanderer with tresses to tame. With this, you can have both luxury and convenience in a compact hair dryer. Worry no more about carrying cords, finding a suitable outlet or carrying all possible adapters.

RoadPro 12 Volt Hair Dryer – a reliable option for a battery operated travel hair dryer is the one from RoadPro. This is a great choice for those long road trips and you need to freshen up, make an up-do right in the middle of nowhere!

The demand for compact and convenient beauty tools have pushed more brands to come up with their very own line of battery powered dryers for frequent travelers. They might be a bit pricier than your regular hair styling tools but these are valuable investment you can take anywhere with you. More developments are happening with your usual beauty loots and tools as makers try to adapt and cope to the demands of the industry. Soon you can expect more energy efficient tools that are even more convenient for women travelers and those who are always on the go.