To Travel Around the World


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The Well Stickered Suitcase
The Well Stickered Suitcase by

Wouldn’t it be nice (or awesome) to have your luggage well-stickered, each like a stamp representing the cities you visited -plastered on it? Well, that’s not far from becoming reality. With  many a coupons, online deals and discount travel packages offered by sites such as MyVoucherCodes, you can fulfill that dream of becoming a globe-trotter lugging your suitcase full of them stickers.

MyVoucherCodes’ Worldwide Flight offers starting at £80 or less via Expedia is your ticket to seeing your dream cities. And where would you be starting off?

gondola venice street
I would love to go back!

How about Venice, Prague and Vienna?

Walk along the cobblestones of any of these three cities, have either Tramezzini along the Grand Canal, Apfelstrudel by the Danube river or Knedlíky by the Vltava river.

In Venice, ride a gondola and visit the St.Mark’s Basilica and the Piazza de San Marco. Don’t forget to buy some Murano glasses for souvenirs. In Vienna, visit the Habsburg’s castles Schönbrunn and Hofburg and walk/sing along Mozart and Strauss into a waltz. Tread the famous Charles Bridge in Prague and snap as many photos as you can just when the sun is setting.

And of course, don’t forget to buy your souvenir stickers for your luggage! 😉

Savor the history and sights in these cities with the thought that you’d be on your next city of adventure soon enough! Travelling, as you know, could be expensive but with a some research here and there, you can get a really good deal that will save you lots thus, giving you more to spend on another trip. So start planning now and head to your dream city soon! ^_^