Of Princesses and Castles:  Living a Fairy Tale 1

Of Princesses and Castles:  Living a Fairy Tale 2

Everyone has had their share of fairy tales while they were growing up. Parents will always have several books of classic fairy tales with princesses, castles, and all sorts of interesting characters that children want to hear about over and over again. At some point in your life, you might have wondered too how it would be to live in a castle, have you not?


A City Full of Castles

Aberdeen is a place where castles are all over the place – tour sites claim that there are over a thousand castles in this area. In this third largest city of Scotland, many visitors have discovered the grandeur of majestic castles as well as the excitement of the vibrant cosmopolitan city center.

Easily Accessible from Many Cities

It is easy to get to this international destination – there is actually a modern and expansive airport located right in the city. Flights to and from many cities in Europe and the United Kingdom are serviced in this airport connecting to many of other UK airports. For one, you can fly to Aberdeen from Cardiff after enjoying this beautiful, romantic city. Upon embarking, visitors can take their pick of transportation and accommodations. Of course, all these details can be planned and finalized before the trip as part of the booking process. Planning your trip around April to June would be the best time to see the fairy tale castles of Aberdeen.

Castles to Visit

The castles that you can find in this city, which is also referred to as “Scotland’s Castle and Whisky Country,” are not like most of English castles. These castles serve both to protect and to comfortably house those who live in them. These castles are residences for the rich and the elite. Among those that you should take time to see in Aberdeen are the following:

1. Dunnottar Castle

2. Crathes Castle

3. Craigievar Castle

4. Drum Castle

You have to pay admission fees though to get in these castles and see the amazing interiors, intricate carvings, opulent furnishings, and elegant décor. You can check their rates online as well as the times when they are open to visitors.

Of Princesses and Castles: Living a Fairy Tale
Just a Disney castle for this little princess. 😀