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Seeing More than Just the Northern Lights in Iceland

When Iceland is mentioned, magical images of the northern lights immediately flood one’s thoughts. And rightly so, because those mesmerizing drapes of skyfire has made the non-believers open their eyes, turned many a poet, inspired those stuck to write again, and helped musicians with their masterpieces. But, there’s a lot more to Iceland than the beautiful skies. Many of my friends wrote Iceland on their bucketlists (including mine then). And as a sort of help, here is a list of what I recommend to do, see, and eat in Iceland.


– the world’s northernmost capital of a sovereign state

Iceland’s capital is also its largest city, that a day or two should be allotted to visit the many attractions it has to offer or just simply walk around and take in the  picturesque view. Here are some of the more famous spots to go to: Read More

Savoring Sunny, Sophisticated Siena, Tuscany


The cold is sweeping the region and I feel like I could just wrap myself in a blanket whole day and sleep through until the sun shines brightly again. Well, there’s sunshine for a few hours but that doesn’t really equate to being warm. These days make me look back to the time that we went train-hopping Italian cities, despite the summer heat I enjoyed looking out the window, the lush green cascading down the hills, pine trees and vineyards with a single house in the middle looked as though paintings coming into real life. (see photo below)

Siena, the historic city, declared a UNESCO World Heritage site, seems to be one I remember fondly. Those were lovely days spent going around the piazzas, admiring the museum displays, wine tasting, and even just idling at one of the more relaxing villas in Tuscany (see first photo) watching the clouds pass by. Read More

By Billy Hathorn - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

A Dream Weekend Getaway in the Oklahoma Hills

While trips to Disneyland or New York City have their own kind of frenetic charm, sometimes the only vacation you can envision lies far from the maddening crowds. Imagine air crisp with the scent of pine trees, flawless, sapphire-blue lakes underneath a cloudless sky and all the fun of summer camp surrounded by luxury cabin accommodations. Broken Bow, Oklahoma is the ideal destination to get away from it all that you’ve probably never heard of, which is why it’s so perfect.

Located in southeastern Oklahoma, the area was settled by Choctaw Indian tribes before the current town was built in 1911. With just a few thousand residents, Broken Bow isn’t much larger than it was when it was first incorporated into a town. The downtown area exudes classic American charm, but it’s the lush landscape dotted with clear lakes that is the real draw. Read More

Best Things to See in Australia

Best Things to See in Australia

Australia is more than just another country to visit, it’s an entire continent. This means that everything from weather to local customs can vary depending on what part of Australia you are visiting. You’ll find that Australia is a land of extraordinary contrasts. From Australia’s highest peak at Mount Kosciuszko to the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland, the Sydney Opera House, and Bondi Beach in New South Wales, there’s something that will delight everyone when you visit Australia.

Pick Your Season

Many people think that because Australia is in the southern hemisphere, they have seasons that are opposite from those in the northern hemisphere. While this is somewhat true, it’s important to remember that Australia’s temperatures not only vary tremendously from season to season, but also from north to south. Read More

Planning Your Exotic Getaway with Free Online Resources

Planning Your Exotic Getaway with Free Online Resources

Visiting exotic locations like Morocco and the Sahara Desert can be the opportunity of a lifetime. You get to experience the culture, sights, and sounds of one of the birthplaces of civilization. You also get to sample unique cuisine and relax in settings that are unlike anything you can find at home.

However, planning a trip halfway around the world can be a challenge even if you are a skilled international tourist. You can make it simple and take advantage of all of the available amenities and safeguards by online services from virtual travel agencies, Sahara Tours, discount booking websites, and more today. Read More

How to Pinpoint What Makes You Happy for Future Reference 2

How to Pinpoint What Makes You Happy for Future Reference

^(Walking around cities make me happy, in Ghent.)

Sometimes it seems that life is against you. Everything is going wrong and you feel trapped, stressed, saddened, and generally heartbroken by all of the bad luck and negatives. However, to combat these feelings in the future, you need to have a go-to pinpoint of what makes you happy.

Reflect on Your Life to This Point

There are always pros to go with cons, so for every bad thing that has occurred, there is a counterbalance of good things too. Reflect on your life to this point, remember the good times, and take solace in the fact that life is a series of ups and downs. Live for the ups and learn from the downs. Read More

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