Legends, Are They Born or Made?

^The Pantheon

Years ago, I travel by myself – alone, not minding that I don’t really know the place as much. Not minding if I don’t know anyone from that city or town. It’s local yes, but a 6-hour travel to an unfamiliar city is quite a feat for a teenager during my days! lol. Going to a city by myself rarely happens now. That’s why when hubby and I explored our neighboring country Italy, we saw to it that we spent a few hours apart and see the cities to ourselves, discover something while alone.


So we did that in Rome and in Florence. Armed with a map, a camera and a friendly aura, I had about 5 hours walking in Rome, hopping from train to train, shooting whatever moments and scenes I can. I visited the Vatican city, walked around the Coliseum, shopped, shoot (if I literally can, I would have) gladiator-clad men and dined Italian where I met a very friendly polyglot. With his help, I found my way to the Pantheon, just when the sun had set. Hubby and I agreed to meet at  Piazza della Rotonda, in front of the iconic ‘temple’ and the fontana before it.

Legends, pantheon
Plaza by the Pantheon

I was truly proud of myself for those hours, still not being at ease, I braved the unfamiliar streets, and since my Italian is very basic – below basic actually so I always converse in English. I felt I could survive when left alone for long. Then again, Rome is a city – not as remote as some of the places we see on the TV series, Survivor. So, imagine if you – a very confident, social and truly able man would be stripped off all the gadgets you have and all the technology available around –  be brought to live in a far-flung Philippine island, what would you do to survive?

That is ‘Voyage’, a new campaign from premium beer brand Heineken® where men from across the world, of different upbringing will be dropped on in different global locations with nothing but the most basic of supplies and directions. The result of each man’s adventure is ‘Dropped’ – a series of experiences following our “fearless” explorers on their legendary travel experience.

Legends, are they born or are they made?  ‘Voyage’ is the fifth installment of the Heineken ‘Legends’ platform, the combined campaign, which will be broadcast live across digital and mobile media. It’s main channel will be via the Heineken® Dropped YouTube channel. Here, viewers will be able to follow each ‘Dropped’ voyage, have access  to the documentary-style content and also share their own video entries to the ‘casting couch’ –  with the ultimate chance of partaking in their own legendary travel adventure.

There, I found hubby held by a pantomime clown being introduced to a chinese lady, lol.

Each voyage’s final destination is: home. Will a traveller be able to go back? Will he become a legend? The answer lies of course within each participant – their ability to adapt, overcome language barrier and their resourcefulness along with other factors will determine their survival and success. This and that, these and those, put them all together and one can create a legend or be one, no, sometimes, legends may not be born nor made but Dropped. My solitary adventure is definitely not in league. :/

mi feet
My dirty, sunburned feet on a stone path surrounding the Coliseum.