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Month: August 2011

Finding Investment Real Estate along the Way

Many people are concerned about the current trend of the stock market. Because of its volatility, people are wondering if it is still a good idea to invest on stocks. Frankly, investing on real estate seems like the better option. It doesn’t really matter where you buy a piece of land. It could be at Read More

Tagaytay, an Extension of Home

I received a postcard from Gene! It reads something to this line “I know you mentioned that you live near Tagaytay, so I sent this to you…you must miss it as I do…” (sorry Gene, my daughter took the card and secured it in her postbox – where she keeps all the postcards we receive. Read More

Messy mini

These photos were 4-years-old. 😀 Good thing I have them uploaded on Facebook…I’ve been digging old photos, statuses and notes on FB when I saw this. Perfect entry for Messy go round. 🙂 It was a perfect Autumn day – just the right weather – comfortably sunny and windy that going around Disneyland is fun Read More

S' Baggers, Nürnberg 12

S’ Baggers, Nürnberg

Nürnberg/Nuremberg is one of the major cities in Bavaria. Been to this city a handful of times yet I can’t say that I know it well…I probably won’t but its charm is something that I always want to revisit. Nürnberg’s history extends as far as the 11th century becoming an important key trade route as Read More

The Importance of Having Travel Insurance When Going Abroad

International trips provide travelers with the opportunity to experience a different culture and take on a new adventure. After carefully choosing your destination, the next step is to plan for your itinerary and to complete any needed requirements. Often suggested but not required is to have travel insurance. For those unfamiliar to the term, they Read More

Dreaming of Palma de Mallorca

  Early this year, I’ve been talking to a friend about a trip to Spain. She applied for a scholarship and we were both excited – we were already planning on visiting a few of Spain’s famous tourist spots, a day-trip to Budapest and another to Prague. However, for some reasons, it didn’t push through. Read More

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