If you’re a constant traveler you know the importance of travel insurance well and surely  you’ve availed of them often in your traveling life. Unexpected events could happen, that’s a given. There could be delays, interruptions, flight cancellations or even accidents. These may be self-inflicted, unintentionally but it will be really bad if caused by other people or unforeseen incidents. Having travel insurance is beneficial to cover medical expenses, financial default of travel suppliers, and those other losses incurred while traveling.

You can compare cheap travel insurance quotes and see what they have to offer. On the policy checklist of what they cover would be:

  • personal accident
  • legal expenses
  • accident
  • illness
  • jury service
  • bad weather
  • trip cancellation
  • personal liability insurance
  • lost baggage
  • damaged, lost or stolen items

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Interestingly, travel insurance could be broken down or categorized into annual, single trip, student, ski insurance and more. Choose one that fits your needs. Here are some of the most bought insurances by travelers.

Annual Travel Insurance: provide protection for trips  taken throughout the year. Sometimes, discount rates are given to families.

Single Trip Travel Insurance:  recommended  for  single trip or shorter stays with sufficient cover for winter holidays,  cruises or sports holidays

International Student Travel Insurance: international student travel for short trips up to 6 months or long stays up to 12 months.

Ski Insurance: as the name implies aimed for ski fans —- probably what I need to get hubby. ^_^