Where we were, we are and would be.

Travel hotspots in Northern Italy

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Legends, Are They Born or Made?

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venetian las vegas

Postcard #12 – Venetian Las Vegas

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Vancouver Surprise

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France | Paris


By on August 4, 2011

There was a time when I was so fascinated with all kinds of lamps, I’d take photos of them wherever we are. These are some I took while at the Disneyland Resort Paris. The top on an early morning as we were on line to enter Disney Studios. Below is while waiting for the fireworks display to commemorate 15 years of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle in Paris….










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Austria | Vienna

City Quest

By on July 25, 2011


This is one of our many round-abouts in the city. We would stroll around going nowhere, simply letting our feet take us wherever without an exact destination.

It was the beginning of spring. I might have used some of these photos on my other blog but that’s a different story…ended up with a not so lovely moment at all. Scratching that, we would always have good times going about and discovering lovely streets with little stores selling trinkets, flowers, antiques, bears and books.


In the middle of  the city we would get lost. We would be amazed by street performers, we would take photos of window displays, flowers, horse-drawn carriages and whatever piques our curiosities. We will meet different kinds of people, different kinds of dogs.


It’s finally summer and we’d be doing a lot of walking again. Stay tuned and see more of our daily walks.


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Weekend Blog Follower Caravan #19

By on July 24, 2011

It’s WBFC once again. The meme that maximizes following, subscription,  page likes and yes, I like this meme a lot! For today we’ll be hitting two birds with one stone. Page liking and gfcs.So I’m throwing this supposed family travel blog of mine.

I have a combined Facebook page for my blogs, Mirage Blogs. (I can’t seem to make the like button work.) Or kindly look on my sidebar – my GFC box is there too.

If you like to join, kindly click the above badge!

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Basketball Camps somewhere else

By on July 20, 2011

Traveling, aside from going from places to places has another meaning. It is related to sports – particularly mine and hubbys’ favorite. It is a violation of the rules that occurs when a player holding the ball illegally moves one or both of his feet. Most commonly, a player travels by illegally moving his pivot foot or taking too many steps without dribbling the ball.

Back in college I signed one of Physical Education class under basketball because I do love this game. I remember how good our trainer was because she used to play for the National team.

Basketball is not as famous and prevalent in Austria like football is so it’s rare that there are basketball camps around like PGC basketball. PGC is not your typical basketball camp.It’s much much more than a basketball camp—it’s a university. Courses are designed to teach basketball players to play the game intelligently, to train purposefully, to be ‘coaches on the court,’ and to be leaders in practice, in games, during the off-season, and in everyday life. I told hubby to try and see for himself what they have to offer come October. That’s when he’ll fly to the US for a tour. Perhaps, he could spend a day or two to try out and have fun.

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Philippines | Tagaytay

Painted Clouds

By on July 14, 2011

That’s what my kids call nimbus clouds. They think that clouds when painted are the most beautiful when they’re puffy and white like cottons.

Imagine their delight during our stay at home where the skies are almost always puffy. Save for the rainy days, I have fond memories of cloudy days back when I was a kid…this includes our trip to the neighboring city, Tagaytay.

Tagaytay has totally evolved from a humble, unassuming town to a now well-known tourist spot. Back then we would have almost taken for granted its beauty, as it is a common sight to us, the Picnic Grove, the Taal Vista Lodge (now Taal Vista Hotel), the Taal Lake, the Palace in the Sky and the most famous Mushroom Burger branch…back then there’s no Antonio’s or Leslie’s or any other famous restaurants – there were a lot of trees. Well, I guess that’s what evolution is about – places evolve from being rural to urban, from being unassuming to beautiful, from being just a piece of unadulterated land to being a land where you can live on and build your home upon.

(That’s my older brother with my daughter and my older son.)


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Google Doodle | Kiev

Google Doodle – St. Basil’s Church

By on July 12, 2011


Russia’s St. Basil’s Cathedral had its official groundbreaking ceremony in 1555, but because it wasn’t completed until July 12, 1561, Google waited until today to celebrate the church’s 450th anniversary with a special Google Doodle.

The church stands in Moscow’s Red Square and, with intricate, colorful domes and numerous spires it surely stands out from the rest. This is reminiscent of other churches in Ukraine, with both having Eastern Orthodox Christianity as the dominant  religion. This has heavily influenced Ukrainian architecture, literature and music.

(St. Michael’s Golden-Domed Monastery in Kiev, Ukraine)


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Italy | Lignano | Roomorama

Lignano Beach

By on July 4, 2011

It’s summer once again. Where are you headed? “To the beach,” I think, would be the dominant answer. My kids certainly would say that too. I personally am not a beach person…I practically grew up going to beaches but having brown for a skin color would mean a much darker complexion after spending an hour under the sun…

It’s a good thing my kids didn’t have that thinking. They love the beach, they love water. I once heard my son ask his dad, “Can we just live here so we can play all day in the water? Or can we have a house with a pool?” lol. If it doesn’t cost that much I would personally say yes.

Oh, these photos were taken at Lignano, a town in Norther Italy, about 7 hours away from Vienna. The travel itself is really interesting—I get to take drive by photos of the country scenery and I get to sleep an hour or two. lol. We stayed at an apartment for short-term accommodations – transient – which I wrote about here.

Since it’s indeed summer, it’s time again to go and explore the beaches, if not then we plan on staying in Germany for a week or two. My mom-in-law lives in Nürnberg so we can stay there like before and explore the enchanting city. Hubby and I would also like to have some “us” time so I’ve been scouting online for short-term rentals in Berlin. We plan to take down what remains of the wall. Kidding aside, we plan on going about the city and of course see the historical wall.

I have been to many websites – I can say that each are the same until I stumbled on Roomorama. I like the photos they provided on the website – up to date and just by looking you’ll know they are scouring for the best rooms, apartments for their customers. I was so impressed at how La Carmina reviewed the place they stayed at once which was booked via Roomorama. There were pictures – flat screen TV, DVD Player and a cabinet that seems to fit a lot of stuff! I suggest you see for yourself what she posted and I’m sure you’d be convinced to book your next apartment rental at Roomorama.

Check out this vid I got from their site.

Untitled from Roomorama on Vimeo.

Well, how about a really neat apartment by the beach, with a view of a romantic sunset from the window?



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Manila | Philippines

Lamesa Ecopark

By on June 5, 2011

We were able to visit one of the greenest places around Metro Manila during our summer vacation. The place is quite near to hubby’s home (QC) – where we stay at when we’re at the Metro. It just took us longer to find it because we have to thread a village and the people we asked weren’t as helpful.


Anyway, the place is really green…lots of trees and greeneries. A big pool (which was unfortunately closed when we got there), small ponds, and a playground for kids are some of the featured amenities.


The place also has lots of color-coded trash cans .

We went nature tripping there but our main purpose was to horsebackride. ^_^ The kids requested for it when we were still at my mom’s place (Cavite). We even had a photoshoot for my kuya’s pre-nuptial photos opposite the Taal Vista Hotel but never got the chance to ride the horses. So to keep our promise we took them here for the experience.

They were each allowed a ride on a pony, all three really delighted. A ride costs 50 Php, I think. Had we the time, they could have had more rounds but rain was looming in so we had to leave soon.

I do recommend a visit to this park. It’s a diferent environment so to say for kids who are used in a busy, buzzling city. Though the park is in the city, the greeneries would make you think otherwise. It’s also a fun way to learn the names of the trees. They have those markers to certain trees and I remember Kakawate from my childhood, the trees we often pick the leaves of just because they’re abundant. (Now I know better of course, wouldn’t pick out the leaves anymore, hihi.)

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Louvre | Traveling

Writing and sharing for a cause

By on May 27, 2011

We need funds to be able to travel again soon. 😀 This is one of the main reasons that I opt for blog advertising…both by recommending products or by monetizing my blogs through sidebar ads. At times I still have that doubt but writing, photography and getting paid for doing these two, which I both love by the way, is all worth it.

It was just recently that I decided to do niche blogging…I have always had about 6 blogs mostly about photography and mixed topics. Then there’s my city blog, my food blog but I have decided too to create separate blogs for fashion, gadgets, art and now: our travels. Now, I got a total of 14! lol. Though we haven’t been to so many cities, I have enough materials, errr phtoos and stories to keep this blog going.

I think niche blogging is the way to go if one wants to maximize the potential of earning online. Simply put, a niche blog is a blog dedicated to a certain topic or segment of the market. For example, if you have keen knowledge about technology, you can write reviews about products you’ve tried. Technology is still a wide scope so you can divide that into cameras, games, computers, smartphones, TVs and more.  In each blog, you will provide content and/or products that fall under each category or niche.

Paying platforms almost always segregate blogs via their niches and gives them tasks accordingly. Seldom that you’d find topics about cameras and printers in food blogs but it happens…you just have to make a connection. (That’s what I do.) So for now, I’m putting up this travel blog and  in order to have this niche blog running, I have to do paid posts, get paid, save and travel again. ^_^

P.S. I’m itching to visit the Louvre once again to follow the trails of Robert Langdon, one thing we weren’t able to do the last time we were there. 😉

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