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How about renting a Camaro while on vacation?

February 3, 2012

That drive by photography is one of the things I indulge in to when vacationing is no secret. I take photos when walking, while in the bus, in the train, anywhere I could click. It poses some dangers though…like when I take out my camera it becomes magnet to thieves. This is one reason why car rentals are a good idea when on tour for longer days.  How about renting a Camaro while on vacation? I’m having a fondness for this make lately and I think sightseeing in such a handsome car is so cool! In London, Car Hire UK provides the best car rental service for the family. Stress on the family.

Red Camaro, car hire

London is particularly new to hubby and I, if we ever go there to visit an aunt of his (who has become a close friend of mine too), we’d most certainly rent a car complete with a decent road map or perhaps a navi (hubby’s navi gets bonker at times).

Sure it’s fun going about and experiencing local transportation when visiting different cities but with 3 kids in tow, it gets difficult too. A car hired for particularly going about from museums to castles to the most recommended restaurant would be good. Also, going back to the hotel or resort area after a day gets easier with your own car driven than when using public transportation. But choosing the car for your group or family will either be right or wrong and will wither maximize your enjoyment and minimize your costs or do otherwise.

How do you choose the best car?

Make a headcount. Make sure there’s always room for more. Choose a vehicle that will offer comfortable seating for everyone.

Consider Luggage and other Stuff. We’re talking surfboard, suitcases, car seats and other things you’d like to bring with you. Make sure there’s enough space for them so no one ends up sandwiched between them.

Gas Mileage, car features. Research your choice of car’s capacity, gas mileage, DVD players and GPS/navi installation are some things to consider.

Compare Prices. There are a lot of agencies offering car hire services, make sure you do your research before being tempted to get what seemed to be the best offer. Consider above-mentioned points before picking that Bumble bee look alike car over a pink hybrid car. 😉

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  1. I’ve been curious about the idea of renting a car when on vacation. My previous job is about accepting bookings for flights, hotels and car rentals. It’s so easy to rent a car in the US. Driving a Camaro while on vacation, well that’s a separate dream vacation on its own.

  2. We rented a car for a conference in another city that we would have considered less than what we would have personally owned. To our surprise we were impressed with how nice the car was. Our daughter even thought she would like to own it for her family. Renting a car seems to be a good way to see if that is really the car you’d like to own.

  3. It’s true about navis going bonkers sometimes. A friend and I used one while cruising the Yokrshire Moors. Instead of leading us to a B&B, it lead us to a stream weehehehh!

  4. thanks for the tips! A Camaro seems like the perfect car for this purpose.. And what an awesome it would be — from the anxieties of traveling. Practicality-wise, your tips are just awesome too. 🙂

  5. Wow! Nice car!!!! If I’d dream to own a car like that then I would have to start sleeping now, haha! Thanks for the tips sis. We haven’t tried renting a car but with our upcoming family vacation, we most probably do just that…good luck to us!

  6. This will be a brilliant idea but it depends on where you drive it. If you indulge it with Manila’s chaotic traffic flow during the peak hours, you would even regret renting that gorgeous machine xD

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