Fancy getting away from it all but strapped for cash? Youth travel accounts for 20 per cent of the global travel market and that’s set to double by 2020. With so many young people and younger couples looking to travel across the world they’ll have to budget accordingly to get the most from their adventures abroad.

But where’s the fun in that? Travelling around the globe is an experience to treasure and never forget. So, what’s the best way for budget-conscious people to travel in style?

There are all sorts of ways young travellers, singletons, and couples can relax in comfort and class when they’re globetrotting, such as:

Planning in advance

The nature of the travel industry means the closer a flight gets to departure, the more of a premium there is on seats with prices typically rising. If people are looking to go away somewhere and want to keep the cost of flights low plan and book well in advance – 60 days is typically a good time to find a low-cost flight online.

Try and upgrade for free

Believe it or not but it’s not unheard of for some airlines to upgrade people’s flights free of charge. How? Ask! If people are well-dressed or it’s a special occasion, such as a honeymoon or anniversary, then the airline may be happy to oblige if asked nicely enough.

There’s always the chance that the airline will be more than happy to upgrade – a survey in July showed that 16 per cent had been upgraded for free. A cause may be helped by racking up frequent flyer miles and other loyalty scheme points.

make it comfy

Keep an eye out for incentives

A number of airlines and operators often have incentives and special offers for flights and similar packages running all the time. Keep an eye out on their websites and sign up to mailing lists to keep an eye on bargains, vouchers, coupons, and other special offers they may be promoting.

Fly with just hand luggage

A lot of flight operators claw back the costs of offering cheap flights by charging elsewhere, usually when it comes to passenger baggage. Stowing luggage in the hold per case return can add up to an astonishing £150 to travellers’ costs, and sometimes more.
Instead check the baggage stipulations of each flight and the weights allowed on-board. Travelling with hand luggage only can help save on costs, and a lot of people can fit more than they think into a 10kg bag.

The best way for travellers to travel in style and on-budget is to plan properly, look ahead, and keep an eye out for bargain flights and prices to their favourite destinations. Leaving a booking until the last minute usually costs flyers more than they bargain for…

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Booked Venice in a hurry, learned the lesson as is wasn’t as cheap!