Understanding what people look for in a resort can give you some insight into what they want to get out of any vacation. Someone like Steve Wynn has seen how this works time and time again, but it is really information that anyone can use when working in this industry. A travel agent can use it to help people find the right resorts and a developer can use it when building new ones. Either way, seeing what people want the most can tell you a lot about those people and what the modern vacation has become.

Beautiful Accommodation
First and foremost, people want rooms that go above and beyond their expectations. For many people, going to a resort is like living for a week in the way that they wish they lived every day. While their bathroom at home may just have a standard acrylic tub, they want a glassed-in shower at the resort, with the entire bathroom finished in tiles. They want a waterfall shower head and a jacuzzi-style tub. These luxurious items are not things that they are accustomed to or that they would ever pay for at home, but they definitely value them on a vacation.

Entertainment Options
People who come to a resort usually do not want to leave to find their own sources of entertainment. They are interested in having it offered right there at the resort, in the common spaces. They like to go see singers and bands perform, they enjoy watching comedians and they want to have casinos on the ground floor. They like to have bars and restaurants connected to those places so that their every desire can be provided for. The most popular resorts in many areas are the one that are all-inclusive, where they just have to pay to get in and then all of the entertainment is free.

Koh Samui Mimosa Resort
photo via https://www.flickr.com/photos/kohsamui/

Food and Drink
Speaking of all-inclusive options, people also want to get food and drink for free when staying at a resort. They could be interested in going to a buffet that is open whenever they want it, allowing them to set their own schedules. This gives them some flexibility and allows them to do whatever they want with their time. They may also want to eat at restaurants at set times. Either way, they love to have the food and drinks for free, as part of the cost of coming to the resort, because it makes it easier for them to budget out the money for the trip.

Stores for the Necessities
It is also a good idea for any resort to have stores where the people can get anything that they may have forgotten. This could include little things like a toothbrush or a bottle of mouthwash. It could also include batteries, sunscreen, sunglasses chap stick and things of this nature. Guests like that they do not have to venture into town for the necessities, but that they can instead pick them up quickly, close to their rooms.

Never Worrying about Anything
What all of this shows you is that the main thing that people want on a vacation is freedom to relax. They do not want to worry about anything. If the resort makes it easy for them to live without planning or working, they will love it.

KAP at the InterContinental Tahiti Resort
image via https://www.flickr.com/photos/tahitipix/