Dreaming Exotic Getaway 1


Where we are is far from the sea, reason enough that seafoods cost a bit higher compared to neighbouring countries surrounded by water. It also follows that seafood restaurants would not be so pocket-friendly for a family of five dine-out nights.


Being near the sea, is a normal thought I have on cold days and gray skies. Not only would I want to eat fresh fruits of the sea, I would also enjoy playing sand with the kids, snorkeling and boating with the purpose of taking photos. ๐Ÿ˜‰

So here are some thoughts to fight away the winter blues (or spring but very gray days), a getaway for the hubby and I. To spend a few nights on one of those wonderful exotic, almost paradise destinations. Many clubs and holiday agencies offer a good package deal for early birds to any of the resorts in New Zealand, Kiribati, Fiji, Tahiti and other islands down under. I would want to have that. An all inclusive vacation package would be a very convenient way to opt for when travelling away and of course cheaper, not to mention hassle-free.

To relax, have the best massage I could ever have and to treat myself with best facial treatment while using natural products is also ono my list. This could also be the best place for a change in over-all look…perhaps a haircut, some color and a youthful, glowing skin revived from being close to nature or that facial treatment or two. Skin care and pampering goes hand in hand…I think.

Hubby and I plays Wii golf, it would be fun playing the real thing! I am sure, guests can enjoy both business and pleasure. While attending a conference meeting in the morning, it is very convenient play golf with co-workers in the afternoon. Or tennis, or basketball, or whatever sport you enjoy.

Dreaming Exotic Getaway 2
Fiji’s blue waters via http://bestfijideals.com

Most of all, I would want to attend one of thoseย Fiji weddings. Destination weddings are provided byย resorts around the islands. They may even offer it for free or if you want a grand celebration. Take Namale Resort and Spa’s offering for it. They know that a bride has for years planned her dream wedding and they are willing to take these dreams to reality.ย A wedding specialist will be willing to help from flower arrangements to travel arrangements, from documentation to your recpetion, from providing the minister to all that you want a dream wedding to be.
Otherwise, once can book for a honeymoon there for an all inclusive vacation package and stay at any of the very romantic hotels. Since hubby and I had our wedding years ago, a vow renewal by the beach is our only choice…or I’d just stick with the seafoods at best. ^_^