Are you thinking about visiting the UK for your next holiday? If so, then where better to start than the glorious, history shrouded capital, the top 5 attractions in London. Not only is this city one of the most cosmopolitan in the world, but it also has a lot of different attractions; markets, gardens, palaces, and museums to visit. True, there could be a crowd, but just at certain spots, you have to plan well and book early to avoid being squeezed as you go about. But I think that comes with the charm London has – the people. Below are the top 5 attractions that I recommend.

Cutty Sark
This attraction is the last surviving tea clipper which was badly damaged by fire in 2007. Once on board, you can experience the ship’s history – which has been over 140 years. This is ship is very unique to London and is a fantastically fun museums to visit with the family.

London Zoo
This Zoo has been opened since 1847 and is home to more than 760 species – many of which are endangered. You are able to witness animal feeding sessions and zoo keepers’ talks, which is really interesting if you are an animal enthusiast. There is a rain forest section if you want to feel something tropicalContinue Reading…