Basketball Camps somewhere else 1

Traveling, aside from going from places to places has another meaning. It is related to sports – particularly mine and hubbys’ favorite. It is a violation of the rules that occurs when a player holding the ball illegally moves one or both of his feet. Most commonly, a player travels by illegally moving his pivot foot or taking too many steps without dribbling the ball.


Back in college I signed one of Physical Education class under basketball because I do love this game. I remember how good our trainer was because she used to play for the National team.

Basketball is not as famous and prevalent in Austria like football is so it’s rare that there are basketball camps around like PGC basketball. PGC is not your typical basketball camp.It’s much much more than a basketball camp—it’s a university. Courses are designed to teach basketball players to play the game intelligently, to train purposefully, to be ‘coaches on the court,’ and to be leaders in practice, in games, during the off-season, and in everyday life. I told hubby to try and see for himself what they have to offer come October. That’s when he’ll fly to the US for a tour. Perhaps, he could spend a day or two to try out and have fun.