Seeing More than Just the Northern Lights in Iceland 1

When Iceland is mentioned, magical images of the northern lights immediately flood one’s thoughts. And rightly so, because those mesmerizing drapes of skyfire has made the non-believers open their eyes, turned many a poet, inspired those stuck to write again, and helped musicians with their masterpieces. But, there’s a lot more to Iceland than the beautiful skies. Many of my friends wrote Iceland on their bucketlists (including mine then). And as a sort of help, here is a list of what I recommend to do, see, and eat in Iceland.


– the world’s northernmost capital of a sovereign state

Iceland’s capital is also its largest city, that a day or two should be allotted to visit the many attractions it has to offer or just simply walk around and take in the  picturesque view. Here are some of the more famous spots to go to:Continue Reading…