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If you feel like enjoying a bit of luxury this year – whether it’s to celebrate a wedding anniversary, a special birthday or ‘just because’ – forget staying in one location, battling your way around packed tourist hotspots and cramming in as many sights as possible in one week. Why not consider a cruise and enjoy a holiday in the lap of luxury?

With many long-established and respected holiday operators to choose from, such as P&O, Thomson and Fred. Olsen, you will certainly be well looked after and can enjoy all the benefits of travelling with a large-scale operator, such as high quality customer service and impressive onboard facilities.

In fact aside from the many wonderful destinations on the itinerary, the appeal of a cruise holiday is often the ship itself. For instance when choosing a brand such as Cruise Thomas Cook, customers have a choice of liners to choose from and can use this to identify the specific facilities provided on each sailing. From onboard surfing and rock climbing to cinemas, heated pools and gymnasiums, not to mention a range of different restaurants and themed bars, the variety of facilities onboard a cruise ship are second to none. Furthermore customers will have many different evening entertainment options to choose from such as Broadway-style shows, plays, musicals and film screenings.

thomas cook cruise, boat
Cruise around for your next holiday.

For these reasons, cruise holidays have remained a consistently popular choice and often appeal to those who like luxury all-inclusive holidays where they can be whisked from one mesmerising place to another, quite unaware of how they get there, perhaps joining escorted trip to see the sights or spending a leisurely day at each new destination in their own time.

Cruise holidays are a relaxing and luxurious way to spend a long weekend, a week, fortnight or more. So choose your sights, select your ship and see what all the fuss is about.