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Month: November 2011

Fun Family Activities For The Winter (guest post)

Winter is on its way, which means time for nature to slow down but doesn’t mean your family has to as well! Here are some suggestions to have family fun and create new memories. Make sure the camera is charged and the memory stick has plenty of room so the moments can be captured and Read More

Most hated airports

Most Hated Airports

In early September Geoffrey James wrote about his awfully disappointing experience of Manila and the exact, unimpressive aura of the Ninoy Aquino International airport that it has since time immemorial (stress on this two precise places). As expected, hate comments came pouring in and sad to say, those came from my fellow Filipinos. Well, those who either turn a blind Read More

Top 5 Countries To Go For A Girly Holiday 2

Top 5 Countries To Go For A Girly Holiday

We all know that when it comes to fun and relaxation, there are few holidays that can beat a break with the girls. Good times in great company are guaranteed when you get together with your best female friends, and the only hard part is deciding where you want to go.With this in mind, we Read More

Travel insurance 4

Travel insurance

If you’re a constant traveler you know the importance of travel insurance well and surely  you’ve availed of them often in your traveling life. Unexpected events could happen, that’s a given. There could be delays, interruptions, flight cancellations or even accidents. These may be self-inflicted, unintentionally but it will be really bad if caused by Read More

Vancouver Surprise 6

Vancouver Surprise

Hubby’s vacation was – unplanned. I say that but it’s actually – I was out of the plan – because he told me he’s going to the US and perhaps Canada only after he had the plane tickets. — Yes, spontaneous and I don’t really mind anyway, he deserves his own “him time.” He didn’t Read More