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Travel Conveniently with the Help of Travel Agents

December 14, 2013
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“My hubby’s recent trip to Northern California was a little bit shorter than last time. He didn’t get to use a travel agent to book his trip but my husband got to stay with a friend’s family the whole time (thank you so much, Red) ^_^. It was quite convenient.

You don’t always have a friend or relative in every state. Therefore, it is best to consult with experienced travelers and travel agents for the best options. For example, if you want to visit North Carolina and you live in Seattle, you should use a professional Charlotte travel agent for help in planning your upcoming trip.”

Even though many of us are Internet savvy, there is a lot of organization required when planning a honeymoon, vacation or even an emergency trip to see friends and family. In most cases, you will have to call several companies such as the airlines, hotels and car rental businesses. When using a travel agent, you can make one call and everything is taken care of. Travel agents have all the information necessary right at the tip of their fingers to assist you with your trip organization.

Some people have the wrong conception that travel agents charge for their services. In almost all cases, this isn’t true. Yes, the travel agent is paid for their services, but in most cases not by the client. The ones who pay for their services are the travel companies. Only on a rare circumstance will there be extra charges added to your deal. This means you aren’t paying extra for a holiday or vacation package when using an agent. Because there is no commission paid, you don’t have to do the booking yourself because you won’t be getting a cheaper price.

It’s very beneficial to use the services of a travel agent. You always receive the best advice, and the travel agent will have either been to your destination before or booked it before for several clients. This gives them more firsthand knowledge, tips and advice to pass along to you. They will offer you many options for availability, pricing and personal preferences. The information they have available will make your trip more comfortable and convenient. Additionally, you have customer service available while planning and traveling on your trip. Never discount the true importance of having that contact person available if things go wrong or not according to your original plan.

Best of all, you receive personal service and a trip customized based on your budget, preferences, special attractions you want to visit and the dates that you want to travel. A travel agent wants your business and will do anything to ensure you are satisfied. Even in today’s world where we can easily do these things ourselves, it is still beneficial to use a professional agent to take care of your trip.

golden gate bridge
Golden Gate Bridge seen from Alcatraz island
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  1. Whenever I fly to Manila, I don’t book for hotels or anything since I have lots of relatives that I can stay for a short while. But now that I am planning to go to Bangkok for a little reward to myself, I consulted few travel agents and I keep comparing which offers the best itinerary and affordable price! 🙂

  2. It’s a plus having family /friends living in your vacation destination as they always offer free accommodation. In my past life (pre-marriage, that is), I always took the offer, but the 13+ years that I’ve been married I’ve learned to decline offers because of husband. He feels we’re causing chaos/inconvenience. Thank God we’ve neto lost friends coz of this. 🙂

    Travel agents are still great to peruse no matter how much info there is available for us. I’ve learned that lesson on a previous vacation. There are hidden gems/precautions that you can’t obtain online.

  3. Travel agent is very necessary when we travel. The travel agents will do anything to make your travel comfortable than doing it by ourselves. I used the travel agent the last time we traveled 🙂

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