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How my Travel Backpack Made My Trip Around Europe Perfect

July 14, 2017
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europe backpack, salzburg mountain side
Me wondering what’s there, Salzburg, Austria…


I, like many others, have dreamed about backpacking around Europe for many years. Finally, the time came for me to fulfil my dream. But, there was a snag. A few days before I left on my 6-month adventure, I found I had a major problem with my bag. It didn’t hold all my things and felt a little insecure. So I quickly asked for some advice from a friend and had the recommendation of using a Travel backpack. I quickly bought one and went on my adventure. As I was to find out later, this was probably one of the best decisions I could have made. Here’s why.

What’s a Travel Backpack?

A travel backpack is similar to a normal backpack but it’s easier to carry, more versatile, and generally more convenient to travel with. Inside, there are large compartments and a specific place to keep laptops and important documents. You can also secure the zips making it less likely for people to try to take advantage and steal something.

travel backpack

The best feature for me is that it has been designed by travelers for travelers. So, it fits perfectly in the overhead compartment on an airplane. And it can be stored under your legs on the bus or train. The first will save you money, especially when you’re using budget airlines from one place to the next in Europe – the ticket is cheap, but the add-ons make it super expensive. And the second point keeps your things safe at all times.

What Makes this Bag Great to Travel With?

The first is that the bag is versatile. You can carry in on your back, over your shoulder, or even using the handles. This gives you the freedom to travel on your terms in style. Sometimes it’s better to put the bag on your back whereas other times it’s more convenient to sling it over your shoulder. And if one of the straps breaks, you have an alternative way to carry in, unlike with conventional backpacks. The next is that it’s waterproof. Most backpacks keep your things dry to some degree, but nowhere near as much as this one. I found all my clothes and electronics stayed bone dry when I was caught out in the summer storms.

And finally, the bag is designed to help both leisure and business travelers. For this reason, there’s a special compartment where you can store your documents. This is inside the bag and is perfect for A4 sized pieces of paper, which keeps them flat. It doesn’t matter if the bag is on your back or over your shoulder, everything will look neat and tidy when you take it out. This can be a major advantage to you if you need to carry important documents or visa application letters. After all, first impressions and appearance can make a big difference.

Important Things to Remember:

Using the travel backpack is a perfect way to travel around Europe.

1. The bag is convenient. You can carry it as a backpack or a shoulder bag.

2. It’s waterproof. So you don’t have to worry about your stuff getting wet during an unexpected  downpour.

3. It’s easy to carry around, which for me makes it a perfect bag for a long trip. (notice #1 again please)

4. It holds a lot. So you can put in all that you need for your trip.

5. It has a lifetime warranty. Period.


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  1. It looks a tiny bit big for a backpack but it does look like you can get a lot in it. Does it have the option to roll it if you want? I like that it’s waterproof. I also like how nice and sophisticated it looks though overall.

  2. This is the perfect backpack – not too small and not overly bulky either. My husband and I both like to pack light when we travel and definitely want a backpack we can carry on board the plane. I like that it is designed with travel needs in mind. Love it!

  3. I love my travel backpack! I can’t imagine not having it. Mine can roll and be worn, and it’s so easy for airports and then jetting around when you get there.
    I don’t use it for daily use at home, but for travel, I think it’s a perfect size for a weekend trip.

  4. I use a typical smaller backpack when I travel plus a small wheeled carry-on. I love the look of this backpack – looks like a suitcase but you use it like a backpack. Perfect for those of us who don’t check luggage and pack light.

  5. Wow, this is one cool bag. I have never heard of the Travel Backpack, I’m heading out for a trip soon and would love to grab me and my husband one of these backpacks. I like that we can pack lightly and still carry it anywhere we go.

  6. I am always carrying a bag, whether it’s everyday or while traveling. A downpour is always devastating. I definitely need a bag that is waterproof. Would I look silly carrying this in everyday life?

  7. Oh this looks great. Especially love this idea when traveling with kids. I think I would like havingt my hands free when getting through the airport with my two little ones. We are traveling to turks and caicos in October with the kids. This might need to be something we invest in.

  8. So I thought backpackers were people who didnt get on an airplane. Is that still true? When I was in Bocas I saw so many backpackers, this look like it wouldnt be so strainious on your back as you are carrying your belongings.

  9. I WISH I could turn back time and have all the gadgets that exist now back then when I was traveling. I couldn’t even imagine how much simpler it would have been to have technology…but at the same time, a lot of my fondest memories were moments that technology would have not allowed to happen (like getting lost!).

  10. As someone who just traveled for the first time since a major medical procedure that requires lots of medical supplies to be brought everywhere, I know the importance of a great bag. I love the looks of this one and I would like to use it for all of my medical supplies, it looks really convenient.

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