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Painted Clouds

July 14, 2011
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That’s what my kids call nimbus clouds. They think that clouds when painted are the most beautiful when they’re puffy and white like cottons.

Imagine their delight during our stay at home where the skies are almost always puffy. Save for the rainy days, I have fond memories of cloudy days back when I was a kid…this includes our trip to the neighboring city, Tagaytay.

Tagaytay has totally evolved from a humble, unassuming town to a now well-known tourist spot. Back then we would have almost taken for granted its beauty, as it is a common sight to us, the Picnic Grove, the Taal Vista Lodge (now Taal Vista Hotel), the Taal Lake, the Palace in the Sky and the most famous Mushroom Burger branch…back then there’s no Antonio’s or Leslie’s or any other famous restaurants – there were a lot of trees. Well, I guess that’s what evolution is about – places evolve from being rural to urban, from being unassuming to beautiful, from being just a piece of unadulterated land to being a land where you can live on and build your home upon.

(That’s my older brother with my daughter and my older son.)


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  1. i always enjoy visiting Tagaytay. the flowers are always in bloom, and even when i’ve been there a dozen times, the view of the lake and volcano is something i always look forward to.

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