Choosing the Right Hidden Camera for Your Needs 1

If you’re looking for state of the art surveillance for your home or office, then spy gadgets are what you need. Spy gadgets are hidden cameras that are built into everyday objects like clock radios, iPod docking stations, teddy bears, and even bottled water. These devices allow home and business owners to monitor illicit activities of suspicious individuals on their property on a day-to-day basis or when they’re travelling.

Three Basic Types of Spy Gadgets

While the styles of hidden cameras vary, they come in three basic types:

1. Wireless

– A wireless hidden camera comes with a transmitter that wirelessly sends the video signal to a receiver. The receiver is attached to a monitor or recording device, making it easy for the user to view.

2. Wired

– A wired hidden camera can be a bit trickier to conceal because contains an A/V cord that comes out of the camera and is plugged directly into the recording device or monitor. However, your local spy shop will have a number of hidden cameras that are concealed in objects that normally contain wires and cords – for example, an alarm clock – so that the A/V cord can be better hidden and suspicions won’t be raised.

3. Self-contained

– A hidden camera that is self-contained will have the camera and the recording device built inside of it. With many self-contained spy devices, the recorder is an SD memory card that can be removed and used to review footage easily.

Types of Activated Cameras

Cameras that constantly record footage use much more energy than those that are activated by a trigger. They also tend to be less cost-effective given that they require more batteries. Consider the following activated cameras:

    • Motion Detector

      – This device contains built-in sensors that detect motion within a room. The device will immediately record when it picks up motion, sending the video feed to the SD card or to a monitor. Many security companies use motion-activated hidden cameras in various rooms throughout a building so that a guard doesn’t spend time watching a screen that doesn’t contain important action. When placed outdoors, motion-detecting cameras are sometimes unfortunately activated by the movement of animals, wind, and other non-hazardous elements.

    • Sound-activated

      – A sound-activated camera works similarly to a motion-activated camera. When audio sensors pick up sound in the vicinity, the device will begin to record both audio and video. Having a spy gadget with sound recording can be important in that sound and video together can help create powerful, undeniable proof of someone’s illegal actions and potentially mal-intent.

  • Timed Cameras

    – If you want to see what is going on during a specific time of day, you can program your hidden camera to run at pre-determined times. One of many ways this option would be helpful is if you wanted to monitor the interaction a babysitter has with your children, another security measure to ensure your loved ones are safe.

Hidden cameras offer a unique and secretive way to better protect the people and property you love most.

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