Bickley Terraces at Cape Town 1
Bickley Terraces Cape Town
Bickley Terraces Cape Town


Following a  feature on one of the 1001 places would be this Bickley House – Cape Town accommodation for anyone planning to get down and enjoy the lovely coast.

It is best to stay at least 5-7 days in Cape Town and to experience that wonderful holiday you’ve been planning, book your stay at a place you’re sure to love. The Bickley house/terraces is a popular lodging for tourists in Cape Town. It has been there for ages which makes it a favorite among frequent visitors. The granite stone walls make it colder in the summers and warmer in winter…no need to pay for extra heating and/or air conditioned rooms. From the terraces, a lovely view of the sea will enchant you.

 The Bickley house is perfect for those with kids too, a pool is in the compound so you can just let them dip in when you’re not so eager to go to the beach. But the site is very near the beach if you want to go skinny dipping and is very near the shopping area.

There’s 24-hour-security service available which means you can sleep without worry and though this won’t mean that the area is unsafe, it is still better to have extra precaution.

As in other places, accommodation is as important as the destination. One can never enjoy a one-week vacation if the place to stay at won’t be as comfortable. Always consult reviews, website featuring testimonials from guests are best to consider. Read and compare before booking.

Bickley Terraces at Cape Town 2