Travel Clubs for a cheaper holiday 1

Ever wondered what was traveling like before there were airplanes? Consider the accounts of the apostle Paul. He was a well-traveled man who either went to a different city via a ship, by horse of by foot and he traveled to many far places. It’s a wonderful thing that we now have a much better way to transport from one place to another but the cost of it is not so much to be ecstatic about. 🙂

The emergence of travel package deals, last minute deals, frequent-flyer bonuses and timeshares prove beneficial for  globetrotters. Then there are travel clubs. Though relatively new compared to timeshares, travel clubs give members can avail of cost cut travel deals from air fare, lodging and cruises. Such clubs are a group of travelers who go about the same love for traveling. Many  travel club reviews compare it to timeshares, how many of those who invested are turning to travel club programs instead.

However, becoming a member of travel clubs require steep payment, some from 3,000$, some as high as 8000$. It is said that travel club members can get deals not usually open to the public. Though the aim is for individual consumption, companies can buy such programs for their employees who often do business travels.