burj al arab

Earlier on I wrote about Dubai as one of the places I’d like to visit before I die. In the post I included a photo of the Burj Al Arab that I borrowed from a friend. The photo was taken at noon and it looks awesome as it is. Little did I know that this 5-star hotel is much more¬†spectacular at night!

I received this postcard from one of my favorite online friend who blogs at Kero’s celebration. Thanks so much, I love this one! I didn’t tell her soon enough since I wanted to do a write up first. Schedule, rather blog scheduling is tight. ^_^

Now, it makes me all the more want to visit Dubai and live like a queen for a day with a personal butler….here, the Burj Al Arab is seen during ¬†the changes of colors-in blue green and purplish, a few of the wonderful colors.