Vancouver Surprise 1

Hubby’s vacation was – unplanned. I say that but it’s actually – I was out of the plan – because he told me he’s going to the US and perhaps Canada only after he had the plane tickets. — Yes, spontaneous and I don’t really mind anyway, he deserves his own “him time.”

He didn’t avail of any vacation deals but he accompanied an aunt to visit her aunt – his grandmother so he saved bucks off the plane tickets and accommodation. He took time off seeing friends in California particularly LA and San Francisco and went about the state before heading to Las Vegas and parts of Nevada.

A surprise for me was indeed the Canada trip. He met a very close friend of mine whom I haven’t seen since 2001…10 long years. Had he the time he would have visited our newborn nephew in Winnipeg but it’s at the other end of Canada so it didn’t happen.

pathway, butchart gardens

 Hubby having arrived 4 days ago had only shown me some photos, some stories here and there. I’m sure as the days progressed there’d be chunks of stories he will share to me. For now here are some of the photos he posted on Facebook – a welcome sign, part of Olympic village and a Japanese garden, I’ve yet to ask him about.

butchart gardens