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What to pack for your summer holiday


According to a recent survey, British holidaymakers spend an average of £26.50 on items that they forget to pack.

This won’t come as much of a surprise to anyone who’s been through the rigmarole of packing last minute for a holiday; the frantic checking, the increasingly maddening family members that start to resemble headless chickens, the running commentary from someone reminding you how much time you have left until you really have to leave the house …

pack for holiday

pack like a pro

So, how do you pack and, more importantly, what do you pack to avoid such situations?

What to pack?

The survey revealed that swimming trunks were the most forgotten item, along with cardigans, shoes and sunglasses as other common left-behinds.

Travel adaptors, chargers – both for phones and cameras, then sun lotion are other items that Brits accidentally leave behind when going on a holiday. So if you’re tech-dependent, remember to bring a charger for any gadget you plan on using while away.

It’s a must but people tend to forget to do some simple research into what the weather will be like. Doing so  can go a long way. Remember that even in warm and sunny destinations, temperatures can drop in the evening, so pack a suitable cardigan or coat. If you don’t get the chance to use it on your holiday, you’ll almost certainly need it when you get back in the UK!

How to pack?

Given the amount of things that can be forgotten when packing for your holiday, it’s not too hard to believe that this survey revealed that one in five Britons avoid such responsibility and stress by getting their partners to pack for them!

Other smart souls try to lessen the stress of packing by taking a more orderly approach, making lists of essential items that they cross off as they pack with enviable military precision. The trick is to start early and pack over a few days or even weeks before you leave – that way you give yourself more time to remember all those little extras that are usually left behind.

Whether you opt to run around the house in a panic or keep a strict schedule complete with checklists, the key is to remember that holidays are meant to be fun. Don’t let the stress of packing start your holiday off on the wrong foot, and if you haven’t got anything booked yet, then click here for the best summer 2014 holiday deals and start making your luggage lists now.


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  1. I can’t believe that swimming trunks was on top of the list for summer holiday item being left behind. Perhaps, those who forgot bringing along their swimming trunks thought that they are going to a nude beach.

  2. It depends where I go. I usually pack lesser clothes or mix and match if I go on Cruise vacation.

  3. Wow! sunglasses is one of the most forgotten item for summer vacay? I cant imagine going out without my sunglasses and sunblock.

  4. that’s absolutely right, and that’s how i packed when we travel to save more room for more.

  5. Whenever I travel with my family, we always start to pack 2 days before our scheduled flight to avoid stress and hassle. It’s always effective as it can remind me on what to bring and it’s also time for us to plan. :)

  6. I travel light. I carefully choose what clothes to bring. I avoid bringing unnecessary stuffs to give room for souvenirs. I totally miss packing for holiday.

  7. Whenever I go for a vacation, I always make a checklist of what to bring. Usually I visualize what should I wear on a daily basis from head to toe. Then, I’ll add the gadgets I need to use for emergencies and to avoid boredom. I think rich people tend to forget more essential things. He-He.

  8. Aha, I fold our clothes like that when I packed them in a suitcase. Thanks for the tips.

  9. Reminds me of myself. I always forgot most of the things I need to pack and bring the least needed one! Tsk! >.<

  10. Hehehehe! Maybe most of them pack a day before their vacation starts! That’s why they forget things to bring. Making a list is very helpful too. Rolling clothes in the bag really does help you bring more stuff in just 1 bag. ^_^

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