The Senses of Kefalonia

By on April 28, 2014


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Kefalonia is the largest island of the Ionian Sea in Greece, set in between Corfu and Zakynthos. It is an island blessed with wondrous beaches, crystalline emerald waters, picturesque villages, diverse natural beauty, historical marvels, prestigious wineries and mouthwatering local cuisine. If you are thinking about visiting the island prepare for a true sensual awakening.

Braunis Horio Villas

Proudly standing on a cliff overlooking the azure sea, Braunis Horio Villas offer the ultimate blend of island authenticity and contemporary refinement. Each villa with its own distinctive Mediterranean personality will capture your heart in its heartwarming embrace allowing you to enter at once the pacifying pace of island life. Unwind under the cerulean sky, immerse in the crystal clear waters of your private pool in Kefalonia and bask in the sun while gazing at the panorama. Treat yourself to the pleasures of luxury and set off to explore this gorgeous island of the Ionian Sea.


Immerse in the authentic beauty of Assos beach, swim at one of the most famous beaches in the world and lose yourself in the exotic beauty of Mirtos, embrace the cosmopolitan spirit of Makrys Gialos and of its youngest sibling Platys Gialos, enjoy a day with your family at the red beach of Xi and partake into a series of watersports adventures at the beach of Skala.


Let the sun lure you into the morning tranquility with an ice-coffee at Costa Costa in Lassi, Rumours in Argostoli, Seven at Lourda and Veto at Skala as you listen to the whispering summer breeze. The Classic Café, Polo, Bass Café and Rock Café in Argostoli offer the perfect place to chill to the sounds of contemporary music after a day of sightseeing. As the night begins to deepen the Bass Club of Argostoli, the Kastro Club of Fiscardo, the Zebra bar of Skala and Zanza bar of Poros will get you into the groove until the early morning hours.

Photogenic sceneries


Relish local delicacies at Sto Psito, enjoy a barbeque meal at the Portside restaurant or the special Lobster dish at Captains restaurant in Argostoli, experience a sensual evening at Sirocco Restaurant in Scala Kefalonia and delight with mouthwatering Greek recipes at the seaside taverns of the scenic village of Fiscardo and home cooked meals at Platanos, Nefeli and Assos Taverna in Assos village.


Visit the patron saint of the island at the monastery of Agios Gerasimos, explore the intriguing geological formation of Drogarati Cave and swim to the idyllic setting of Melissani Cave, hike up to Mount Aenos to marvel the unique black firs of Kefalonia, let the day unfold at the waterfront village of Lixouri and feel the rhythm of the night in the central square of Argostoli.


While on the island make sure to try he local Aliada dip, the famous Kreatopita (pie with meat and rice), the Bourbourelia soup, the Bouryetto dish, the Tsigari dish, the local Robola wine and the sweet Mandoles.

From side to side the island of Kefalonia is like a valley of pleasures for each sense to absorb.

Get ready to walk the valley and discover one by one the senses of Kefalonia.

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Remembering Dad’s Travels

By on August 6, 2011
Theseus Temple, Vienna

My late dad, a well-traveled seaman during his days, made me interested about the countries he visited through his stories. If you’ve been to my other blogs then you know that already or you might have read it here, on the about page. 🙂

Dad’s work as a seaman made him able to land on and visit different European cities and towns. His favorite among those would be Greece…full of mythology and architecture older than Jesus Christ. He sent us a lot of photos when he visited Athens…I was in the 4th grade then – 10-years-old. (Your memory gets sharper when you’re older and when the people a memory is connected to is dead…well, that’s just an observation I have of myself though I’ve always have a good memory to begin with hihi.) I clearly remember those photos because he personally wrote notes for me. His photos during Netherland visits were addressed mostly to my older sister.

When I went with my younger son to the Volksgarten during a last-year-excursion I was nostalgic and teary-eyed seeing the Theseus Temple. Though newly renovated and all clean and white, it truly resembles the temples of Athens. It made me want to buy one of those cheap flights to Paphos advertisements I see on my sidebar often and hop on the next available flight.

Greece is still one of the country on my bucket list. I don’t know how far or how many years more should I wait to see the temples myself but I surely will and in memory of my beloved Father.


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