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The Senses of Kefalonia

The Senses of Kefalonia

Kefalonia is the largest island of the Ionian Sea in Greece, set in between Corfu and Zakynthos. It is an island blessed with wondrous beaches, crystalline emerald waters, picturesque villages, diverse natural beauty, historical marvels, prestigious wineries and mouthwatering local cuisine. If you are thinking about visiting the island prepare for a true sensual awakening. Read More

What People Look for in a Resort 3

What People Look for in a Resort

  Understanding what people look for in a resort can give you some insight into what they want to get out of any vacation. Someone like Steve Wynn has seen how this works time and time again, but it is really information that anyone can use when working in this industry. A travel agent can Read More

Knowing the Highlights of an Insurance Policy

Knowing the Highlights of an Insurance Policy

When people buy insurance policies, they may have a vague idea of what their policies entail. They know that they are charged a certain amount in premiums each month in return for services that can help them in case of an emergency or disaster. However, some people fail to appreciate the finer details of their Read More

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Paradise that is Jackson Hole

  One of the Wyoming’s most highly visited mountain ranges, the Tetons rest across its western borders with the state of Idaho and is south of the Yellowstone National Park. The eastern part of the Tetons are called the Grand Teton National Park, though tourists visit across the mountain range throughout the year. Many tourists Read More

The Changing Face of Aruba

The Changing Face of Aruba

There’s no doubt that one of the great things about Aruba is the fact that many things about the island never change. The great beauty of the island remains largely unspoiled – its beaches and wildlife are the envy of the world – whilst the islanders retain their own distinctive culture in spite of the Read More

2014 in South Africa: New Attractions For Tourists 5

2014 in South Africa: New Attractions For Tourists

A trip to South Africa is one filled with diversity and beauty that is hard to match anywhere in the world. The country is about the same size as France and Spain combined, or around double the size of the state of Texas, so this should give you an idea of how the landscapes can Read More

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